Apple iPad Mini 6: Everything you need to know

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable tablet, Apple’s iPad range is the best around. Apple has cornered both the high- and low-end of the market with the iPad Pro and iPad, respectively, but there’s another strong iPad if you’re looking for a tablet that takes up a little less room. The iPad Mini is an excellent little workhorse that matches the basic iPad’s power, but comes in a much smaller footprint.

2019 saw the reintroduction of Apple’s smallest iPad after four years away, and it seems Apple is wasting little time in prepping another tiny tablet. Rumors say the iPad Mini 6 is in development, and it’s likely to come with a number of changes. Here’s everything we know about the iPad Mini 6.


There haven’t been any leaked images or renders of the new iPad Mini yet, but we do have some compelling evidence that Apple may be planning a big change to the iPad Mini’s design. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we could be looking at an iPad Mini with a screen size between 8.5 and 9 inches. That’s significantly larger than the 2019 iPad Mini’s 7.9-inch display, and it might mean that Apple is slimming down the iPad Mini’s bezels — much like the most recent iPad Pro models. This change would mean the end of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the front of the device in favor of Face ID technology.

How likely is this to happen? Well, a larger screen can mean only one of two things — the device gets larger to accommodate the bigger screen, or the bezels shrink to keep the device around the same size. Given the “mini” moniker, it makes little sense that Apple would make the tablet larger. So really, it makes logical sense for Apple to shrink the tablet’s bezels and keep the device about the same size. However, this is speculation and may change as we learn more about the new tablet.


The iPad and iPad Mini shared specs in 2019, so it could be that the iPad Mini will also get an upgraded processor if the 2020 iPad receives an upgraded chipset. Rumors are currently saying the new iPad will sport Apple’s powerful A12 Bionic processor — and if the basic iPad is getting an upgrade, it’s a fair bet that the iPad Mini 6 will as well. We expect it to retain the support for the Apple Pencil, though there’s no word yet as to whether the new version will come with support for the second generation Apple Pencil.

Price and availability

The 2019 upgrades of the iPad and iPad Mini launched at the same time, but it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing that happen in 2020. While the eighth-generation of iPad is expected to launch in late 2020, the iPad Mini 6 isn’t expected until 2021 at the earliest. There’s been no word on pricing, but we don’t expect Apple to change the pricing too much. Expect it to fall into a similar $400 price range, like its predecessor.

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