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iOS 16’s infuriating copy-and-paste permission pop-up is being fixed

Early adopters of iOS 16 have been noticing an irritating permission pop-up when they try to copy and paste text from one app to another. The pop-up asks if the user wants to allow the text to paste from app to app. While not the most intrusive pop-up, it feels like a completely redundant permission request that does little more than add an extra step to what should be a basic command. Apple has confirmed, however, that this isn’t a planned feature of iOS 16, but a bug to be fixed.

According to MacRumors, one of the publication’s readers reached out to Apple via email complaining about the pop-ups. That reader got a response from senior manager Ron Huang, who told them that the pop-ups are “absolutely not expected behavior” and that the company would be looking into the issue.

The iPhone 14 laying on top of a succulent. It's showing the Home Screen.
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Unfortunately, Huang didn’t provide a timeline for when iPhone users can expect a fix — he only told the reader to “stay tuned.” Since iOS 16 is still so new, there are likely plenty of small fixes and optimizations queued up for the coming weeks, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to expect a fix soon, especially since Apple commented on it. However, the email exchange isn’t a guarantee of anything, so it’s still possible that a fix could take some time.

It’s really no wonder that users are already fed up with the permission pop-up as it asks them for permission to paste text immediately after the user hits the paste prompt. Since you’re actively giving permission to paste text by using the command, the pop-up comes across as a redundant step. Apple tends to reserve its pop-ups for verification settings or for systems that run in the background (such as activity tracking), so the copy-and-paste pop-up already felt a little out of place. It’s good to know that a fix is coming, even if we don’t know exactly when to expect it.

If you’re experiencing the bug and are tired of constantly selecting “allow paste,” make sure to frequently check your Settings app for updates, or just turn on auto-updates.

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