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Bad day? Watch a man use a big, metal ball to deliberately destroy iPhones in an Apple Store

Un mec détruit un Apple Store avec une boule de pétanque PARTIE 1
It’s often difficult when customer service, a product, or after-sales support doesn’t quite match our expectations. We huff and puff about it, maybe make a phone call or two, or even — if things get really bad — send out a disgruntled tweet and actually tag the company in it. Rarely do we pick up a heavy object, wander down to the offending retail store, and start smashing things up. However, that’s the course of action chosen by this very upset Apple customer in France.

The incident seen in the video above took place in Dijon, France on Thursday, according to Le Journal, where the man in question described as “not in his normal state,” entered the Apple Store. It’s an understatement, because he takes what appears to be a metal ball, or other very solid round object, and smashes the screen of every Apple device he can lay his hands on.

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It’s not a frenzied attack on Apple products. He calmly takes the devices from their docks, lays them on the wooden desks, and hits them very hard. Although he takes out his anger mostly on iPhones, an unfortunate MacBook gets in his way towards the end. He addresses the anonymous cameraman, and says he wants his money back, as per his consumer rights.

It’s all very Falling Down, but further videos are less violent, and a little more bizarre. Security guards from the shopping mall remove the man from the store, but stop him leaving the area while they wait for the police. The continuing video shows the guards and the man bumping into each other in an oddly dance-like way, before the wronged consumer makes a clumsy run for it in the opposite direction. There’s a moment where he’s almost pushed over the railing, and also considers throttling one of the guards, before thinking better of the idea.

While obviously very displeased about an Apple product he has purchased, there are no further details available regarding this unusual incident, but it probably wasn’t the best way to go about getting some attention.

If you have been affected by this report, and need someone to talk to, Apple’s customer care and support telephone numbers can be found here.

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