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Apple about to raise app prices in seven countries, including Canada

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Apple’s about to raise app prices in seven countries, with the company citing exchange rate fluctuations as the reason.

Of course, rates are always moving up and down, but the tech company evidently feels the position of various currencies means it’s time to stick a few more cents on the price tag for some iPhone and iPad users around the world, a change Apple hopes will maintain profits without scaring away buyers. The company currently takes a 30 percent cut of every app sold through its online store.

Countries hit by the hike are Canada, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, and Mexico.

As an example, the lower price tier for Canadian users will rise to CAD$1.39 from $1.19, while apps currently costing $2.29 will increase to $2.79. The changes at the other end of the scale, however, are obviously more stark; for example, an app that currently costs CAD$50 will jump to $69.99.

Apple informed developers (via TNW) that the new pricing tiers would be in place by Thursday, adding that  the cost of in-app purchases will also  go up.

If you happen to be subscribing to an app via in-app purchase in Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, or Mexico, expect an email from the tech giant in the coming days informing you of the new rates. Meanwhile, users in South Africa and Russia will be required to manually re-subscribe at the new price.

Interested in perusing a massive chart showing all the price changes across all seven countries? Then hit this link.

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