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Someone created a blue Apple Watch Ultra, and it’s … different

Despite the base versions often being considered luxury items for many people, there are others who want their Apple devices to be even more luxurious. There have been plenty of custom luxury iPhones made by various third-party sellers, and now the Apple Watch Ultra is getting another taste of the posh treatment.

Simply put, it looks like … a lot. This latest custom Apple Watch Ultra is seemingly the first of its kind and sports an anodized blue body with a gold-plated band. You can see it for yourself in the video and pictures below.

First EVER Custom Anodized Apple Watch Ultra Gold Digital Crown Ring!

To be clear, this isn’t jeweler De Billas Lux’s first custom Apple Watch Ultra. However, it is the first one that has undergone the anodization process to change the color of the watch’s titanium body. The results are pretty striking, as the blue is a lovely deep color that harks back to the iPhone 12‘s blue color option — the last time that Apple went all in on a dark blue iPhone.

Style preference is, obviously, subjective, but the incredible blue color of the Apple Watch Ultra’s body paired with the in-your-face gold plating of the watch band is a little much for me personally. In a video showing off the watch, it’s mentioned that it’s a custom job for someone who picked out the colors personally, so clearly, it’s someone‘s thing. If it’s also your thing, you can buy the blue-and-gold custom watch if you’re willing to pay a decent chunk of change.

Any time luxury custom devices go on sale, one of the first things that most people wonder about is how much they cost. You can buy the blue-and-gold Apple Watch Ultra directly from De Billas Lux’s website for $1,499. You may need to act fast, however, since it’s currently listed as being on sale — the normal retail price is $2,300.

To be entirely honest, $1,499 for a custom Apple Watch Ultra isn’t terrible when you really think about it. A regular, non-gold plated watch bought directly from Apple will run you roughly $800 brand new. While the custom version is nearly double the price, it’s not out of line with other flagship Apple devices. If you’re going to buy it, though, make sure you can get down with blue and gold, a color combo that might make you look like an undercover member of the X-Men.

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