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Apple’s latest iPhone update comes with an Apple Watch app you can’t get rid of

apples latest iphone update comes with an apple watch app you cant get rid of
On the same day that Apple revealed more details about its much anticipated smartwatch, the company also rolled out iOS 8.2, an update for iDevices that brings with it not only Health app enhancements, increased stability and various bug fixes, but also a brand new app that you can’t get rid off.

Come April 24th, when Apple’s smartwatch finally gets a chance to meet some wrists, the new ‘Apple Watch’ app will come in very handy, allowing owners to pair their iPhone and watch before configuring various settings on the company’s first ever wearable. The app also includes a link to the watch’s App Store, though at the moment tapping it leads only to pre-order information.

Of course, well aware that this is an opportunity too darn good to miss, Apple has also included several videos in the app so anyone yet to be convinced as to the wisdom of forking out upwards of $349 for the device can learn more. And perhaps be persuaded to drop some cash for it.

The tech company is already splashing out on a global marketing campaign for its new smartwatch, but putting an app on iPhones containing links to promotional material is a shrewd and cost effective way of reaching millions of potential customers – ones who’ve already invested in Apple products and have the required hardware to get the watch working (ie. iPhone 5 or later).

However, if you’re absolutely certain the Apple Watch is not for you, and the app’s videos (should you take a peek) fail to whet your appetite, well, you’re stuck with it. The Apple Watch app cannot be deleted.

Best thing you can do is slide it into that special folder you created long ago with all those other apps (Stocks is probably in there) that you never use and can’t get rid of.

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