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Asus brings optical zoom into focus with the Zenfone Zoom

asus announces camera focused zenfone zoom at ces front and back
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Are you a prolific Instagram sharer? The newly announced Asus Zenfone Zoom might be just the smartphone for you. While most spec details are unknown at this time, the Zoom’s most important feature is an impressive rear camera.

Unlike most smartphone cameras, which rely on digital enhancement to zoom into an image, the Zenfone Zoom is equipped with 3x optical zoom, accomplished by packing a ten element lens into the rear of the phone. The 13-megapixel sensor is no slouch either, easily shooting 1080p video, and the whole setup is equipped with laser auto-focus, and optical image stabilization.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Zoom also sports the sort of manual control over your shooting that you normally only get with a full feature digital camera. Rather than relying on automatic imaging software, you can set the shutter speed, ISO settings, and more from within the Android 5.0 OS, all without unpacking your lenses.

The Zoom also comes equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p display, with thin bezels and Gorilla Glass 3 for making sure every shot you take comes out perfectly.

There’s no word on release date yet, but when the Asus Zenfone does drop, it will start at $399. We’ll keep you updated on availability.

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