AT&T hands out $100 bill credit to customers who add a new line

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AT&T introduced a new promotion on Friday, which will offer customers a $100 bill credit when they add a new line. The new line of service must be activated on an AT&T Next smartphone, which customers pay off in monthly installments.

The AT&T Next program offers customers smartphone plans without a two-year contract, upgrade fees, or activation fee. While some people might opt for the traditional two-year contract or even paying for the phone upfront, AT&T’s promotion will surely entice those who prefer to stretch out their smartphone payments over time.

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Depending on which phone you buy, you’ll have to pay a certain amount upfront for the device. Then, you can choose between the AT&T Next 12 program and the Next 18 program. In the Next 12 plan, you’ll pay off the smartphone over 20 months and be able to upgrade every 12 months. Meanwhile, with the Next 18 plan, you’ll pay it off over the course of 18 months with the option to upgrade every 18 months.

Recently, AT&T and Verizon began pushing their respective contract-free plans to customers. Now that Sprint has rejoined the fray in earnest with severe price cuts to its own plans and T-Mobile continues to rack up new subscribers with its impressive deals, AT&T and Verizon are also issuing promotions left and right.

The promotion, which extends to both new and current customers, runs through September 30.

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