Best apps of the week: Vdio, Nimble Quest, and more

Best apps of the week: Vdio, Nimble Quest, and more

We’re officially into spring, though depending on where you live the weather may not reflect the season. Either way, it’s a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, a time to start something new. That goes for your favorite mobile device, too. You have some apps that are your go tos, but you probably have plenty of apps that you have no use for anymore. It’s time to grab something different to give you a refreshed perspective on your phone or tablet. We’ve collected the best apps and updates to come out over the past week that you can download to get into the Spring mood of starting anew.

Vdio (new app for iOS)


The folks behind Rdio were no longer happy to just provide access to all your favorite music; Now they want to get involved in your TV viewing as well. You can scroll through the sizable library of films and shows, pick old favorites or brand new releases, and have instant access to video content through purchase or rental. Content can be streamed via AirPlay to an Apple TV if you’re looking to maintain the big screen experience. Rdio subscribers have first crack at this new app, so stop searching for music and start getting lost in a video experience instead.

Into the Dead (new game for Android)


All right, so there isn’t anything particularly new about the zombie genre. One could say it’s been beat to death – pardon the pun. But developer PikPok has put its twist on the apocalyptic survival story and it’s one worth playing through. You have to keep moving as more and more undead rise beneath you, threatening to pull you down and turn you into a meal. Impressive visuals, a wide array of weapons, and some intense gameplay highlight this title. It’s a zombie game you won’t want to send to the app grave.

Rego (update for iOS)


After getting released not too long ago, Rego is receiving it’s first update. The location-based bookmarking tool that allows users to make note of where they’ve been, where they’re going, and where they want to go now has som expanded functionality. A search feature for adding new places is the most prominent and welcome addition, but navigation functionality has also expanded to Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and TomTom. Other tools like editing and sorting improve control over your bookmarks as well.

Rosetta Course (new app for Android)


For people who are interested in picking up a new language, Rosetta Stone is often a popular choice as a learning tool. Of course, with the prominence of phones and tablets, it would seem like there’s no reason you can’t learn to speak a second (or third or fourth) language while you’re on the go. Rosetta Stone agrees, which is why it’s released this app for Android. If you’re a Rosetta Stone user, you can log in and access your courses through the app. If you’re not, the app gives you a free trial and can help you create an account. How nice.

GolfStar (new game for iOS)


Just in time for the Masters, GolfStar for iOS steps up to the tee box to offer gamers a portable golf sim. This isn’t designed to be your standard, pick up and play, arcade-style golf game. This is a title for the serious golfer – albeit it one that isn’t serious enough to actually go out and golf. With realistic game physics, impressive graphics, varying shot options, and unique techniques that you can use to better match your style, GolfStar is sure to be a hole in one for fans of the links.

HBO Go (update for iOS)


As far as television channels go, HBO is pretty top quality. It has tons of programming that are absolute must see television that you want with you at all times. With HBO Go, you’re never too separated from your beloved shows. The latest update to the app is all about bringing those shows back to the big screen. AirPlay functionality has been added in so you can take your video content from your phone to your HDTV. If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, bonus interactive features await you.

Clipp (new app for BlackBerry 10)


The virtual wallet is becoming more and more popular as a means for paying for things. As if your credit card wasn’t convenient enough, things just keep getting easier. Clipp, a virtual wallet solution, has made its way to BlackBerry 10. Clipp allows you to find a venue that accepts payments via the app, set up your purchase, and pay it off. It lets you skip that awkward wait after a receipt is delivered where you aren’t sure if you’re supposed to take the tab to the front or wait for your server to pick it up. Just take care of it in-app and get the receipt emailed to you.

Nimble Quest (new game for iOS, Android)


The guys at NimbleBit really seem to know what they are doing when it comes to developing mobile games. Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes were both undeniable hits both critically and commercially. Now they hope Nimble Quest follows in the footsteps of those previous titles, though it’s taking its own path gameplay wise. A sort of party-based dungeon crawler, Nimble Quest challenges you to knock out as many enemies as possible with your group of constantly moving heroes. 

Blogsy (update for iOS)


Blogsy is a go-to for any tablet user who does a fair amount of blogging. It’s a rather feature rich tool that gives some slick functionality that serves bloggers well. So it’s amazing that it’s most recent update could add and change as much as it does. Markdown support, an HTML keyboard, a save button for drafts, URL scheme support, and a new user interface headline the list of additions. Meanwhile, navigation buttons, Instagram and Tumblr integration, and a plethora of bug fixes are all listed as changes to the app.

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