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The best Huawei Mate 20 Lite cases to keep your budget phone intact

Huawei Mate 20 Lite review
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

With phones like the Mate 20 Pro and the huge Mate 20 X in Huawei’s latest range, it’s easy to overlook the Mate 20 Lite. But to do so would be a mistake — Huawei’s budget offering comes with a strong processor, a great design, and a solid camera.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to import it to get it in the U.S. — and once you’ve gone through that rigmarole, you’re going to want to make sure nothing short of a full-on apocalypse will stop your new phone. That’s where a protective case comes in handy to protect against bumps, falls, and other daily hazards. Here are the best Huawei Mate 20 Lite cases to keep your budget phone rocking.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Clear Case ($15)

Huawei has held nothing back on design recently, and the Mate 20 Lite is no exception. You’ll be in no hurry to cover up your phone, and that’s where Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case comes in handy. It’s made from completely clear TPU, so you can always show off your phone’s design. But that doesn’t mean it’s weak — TPU is very durable and it comes with a good degree of shock-absorbency, making this a great case for a variety of threats. There are also air cushions in each corner to further guard against drops, and the material’s soft nature helps increase grip. It holds up to Spigen’s usual high standards, and it’s not too expensive either. A great all-around case.

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VRS Designs Single Fit Label Series ($20)

If you’re looking for a case that adds as much style as protection, then check out this case from VRS Designs. It’s made from durable and shock-absorbent TPU, so you can be sure it’ll protect your phone from most drops and falls — but it also has its own subtle style, with a series of ridges on the back and a bold red stripe. The ridges also serve to give your fingers more to grip, keeping your phone in your hand. There’s a raised bezel to elevate your phone from surfaces and avoid scratches. It’s lightweight and compact, and it also allows for installation of a screen protector. It’s not as protective as a bigger case, but this is still a great everyday choice.

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VRS Designs

Olixar Low Profile Wallet Case ($14)

Simple but effective, the Olixar low-profile wallet case is affordable and does everything you’d expect. Despite its low price, it looks good, with a style that fits in almost anywhere, from the boardroom to the gym. It’s not real leather, but the PU leather used is tough and durable, and it’s extremely easy to keep clean — just wipe it and you’re good. It’s not going to be as protective as a bulkier case, but it covers the screen when not in use, and can be folded into a horizontal kickstand. The front cover also comes with a couple of pockets to keep spare cash or some debit cards — so you can leave your wallet behind.

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Mobile Fun

Official Huawei Smart View Case ($27)

Official cases are always a great place to start any case search, and Huawei’s own accessories have always been a great example of why this is a good idea. The Smart View case for the Mate 20 Lite is a wallet case, with a cover that folds over to protect the Mate 20 Lite’s display, and a hard polycarbonate back that clips onto the phone to protect it from scratches. But the magic is in the front cover. Attach the case, and the window to the right comes alive, showing your notifications, the time, and the weather. It’s a neat little feature. It’s durable and thin — but unfortunately you won’t find a huge amount of protection against drops due to that thinness, which makes it a harder sell. Still, if you’re enchanted by the cool Smart View feature and don’t mind risking drops, it’s a great case.

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Mobile Fun

UAG Outback Series ($25)

Getting as much protection as you can is a great idea if you venture out a lot with your phone. When you’re looking for great protection, UAG is one of the traditional manufacturers to beat. The Outback is one of UAG’s single-layer cases, and despite only being made of TPU, it’s tried and tested to military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6). The traction grip exterior and the rugged outer design help you to maintain a sturdy grip. Oversized buttons also mean its always easy to use your phone — even in gloves. Unlike some of UAG’s other multilayer cases, the Outback series is super-light too. It’s easily one of the best rugged cases for the Mate 20 Lite.

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