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I found 11 new widgets for iOS 17 that you have to try

Best iOS 17 interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Widgets have been a popular feature on iPhones for a long time. With iOS 17, these widgets have become interactive, creating a more immersive experience. With interactive widgets, you can take important actions right from your iPhone home screen and lock screen. For instance, you can complete to-do lists, play and pause media and podcasts, access your Home app controls, and much more — all without having to open any apps.

Interactive widgets aren’t solely for Apple’s native apps in iOS 17. Third-party developers are also embracing the new feature. While the list of apps that utilize the new feature is still short, a few have already stood out. Here are some interactive widgets worth exploring.


Copilot app interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Copilot is a financial management app that helps you keep track of your spending, budgets, investments, and net worth. The app is available for Mac and iPhone and has recently been updated to include interactive widgets in iOS 17. The review transaction widgets allow you to easily keep track of newly imported transactions and check them off right from your home screen. If you have any questions about a transaction, tap on it from the widget, and you’ll be taken directly to the transaction in the Copilot app.

In addition to the review transaction widget, Copilot also offers other interactive widgets that track daily spending, spending by category, budgets, and more. With Copilot, you can take control of your finances and stay on top of your spending — and it’s easier to use than ever thanks to iOS 17’s interactive widgets.

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Dark Noise

Dark Noise interactive widgets on iPhone
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Are you having trouble falling asleep or relaxing? If so, you might want to try Dark Noise, one of the best apps for the sleep-deprived. The app is specifically designed to add ambient noise to help you sleep, focus, and relax. With over 50 sounds, Dark Noise keeps improving with each iOS upgrade.

In iOS 17, the Dark Noise has added a new feature that allows you to navigate through various sounds without even opening the app. By simply tapping on a sound from one of the interactive widgets, you can get to sleep or find a peaceful corner in your house to relax. To turn the sound off, tap it from the interactive widget again.

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Fantastical Calendar

Fantastic Calendar interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Fantastical Calendar is a great app that provides more flexibility than the native Calendar app. It is available across multiple platforms and has been popular since the launch of the App Store. The app has gained many new features since the introduction of iOS 17 and watchOS 10, including StandBy widgets and a redesigned Apple Watch app that supports widgets in the all-new Smart Stack.

With the introduction of iOS 17, Fantastical Calendar now includes new interactive widgets that allow you to view your entire schedule without opening the app. All you need to do is tap on the date from the home screen!

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Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Gentler Streak is one of my favorite apps because it understands that not everyone is in great shape or has the time to run a half-marathon every week. It encourages you to take a daily break as needed or up your fitness game, depending on your recent activity level. The app also offers well-being tips, historical exercise information, and more.

With Gentler Streak’s interactive widgets, you’re just a tap away from starting a new workout or telling the app that you’re taking a rest day. It’s a convenient and easy way to stay on top of your fitness goals.

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Glucomate interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Maintaining optimal health as a person with diabetes requires constantly monitoring my blood glucose levels. To achieve this, I have been using Glucomate for several months. Initially available only on the iPhone and Apple Watch, the app is now also accessible on iPad. Glucomate makes it effortless to record, track, and analyze my blood glucose levels, giving me access to comprehensive charts and a detailed history view. The app also provides valuable insights into how my workout and sleep sessions affect my blood sugar levels.

The new interactive widget of Glucomate enables me to swiftly add a blood sugar reading to HealthKit from the iPhone or iPad home screen. If only my iPhone could measure my glucose levels without a painful prick of my finger, I would be even more satisfied!

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Lookup interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Lookup is an app that provides a well-designed English dictionary and practical tools to help you improve your vocabulary. The app has GRE and SAT preparation tools, a word-of-the-day feature, and an easy to use translation service for over 20 languages. The app is available on various Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

With Lookup’s new interactive widgets, you can now listen to the pronunciation of words by simply clicking on a link. You can also add words you like and create digital flashcards without opening the app. These features make learning new words and improving your vocabulary more convenient and accessible.

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Overcast interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Overcast is a top-rated third-party podcast app known for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. Although it is not as popular as Apple Podcasts or Spotify, it is still one of the most widely used podcast apps on the market today. Unsurprisingly, Overcast was one of the first podcast apps to support iOS 17’s interactive widgets.

The widgets in Overcast make it possible to start and play your favorite shows by tapping a button from the iPhone home screen. This makes the experience of listening to podcasts even more seamless, as you don’t have to navigate through the app to find the show you want to listen to. You can also go into the app by tapping on the name of the podcast in the widget. This feature allows you to explore more content and discover new shows you might not have found otherwise.

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Peak interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Widgets on iPhone are incredibly versatile, and one of their best uses is as a health and wellness dashboard. While the official Fitness app can be used for this, you can get even more out of the widget concept with a third-party solution like the Peak: Fitness Widgets app, which is available for iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can display goals, trends, and benchmarks in ways that are impossible with the official Health and Fitness apps.

You can view the charts and graphs directly from the Peak app or use widgets to access them. These widgets are interactive and update automatically with a simple tap, saving you time when checking your current stats. This small, but significant improvement to an already impressive app makes it even more incredible.

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NOAA Weather Radar RainViewer

RainViewer interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

It can be frustrating to plan an outdoor activity, only to have it ruined by unexpected rain. Fortunately, the NOAA Weather Radar RainViewer app can help you stay prepared. This app uses your iPhone’s location to provide up-to-date weather maps and forecasts.

The app now features interactive RainViewer widgets, allowing you to easily switch between weather information without leaving your iPhone’s home screen. For instance, the current weather widget will enable you to view rain duration, current and “feels like” temperature, humidity, and more. Other widgets allow you to toggle between locations without opening the RainViewer app.

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Spark Mail

Spark Email interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Apple iPhones come with the Mail app, but many people prefer third-party options like Spark Mail. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and is designed to be both beautiful and simple.

Thanks to the new interactive widgets in iOS 17, you can now check your recent emails from the iPhone home screen without opening the app. You can also start new drafts, search for existing emails, or check your calendar from the same widgets. If you spend a lot of time going through emails daily, these widgets can save you a lot of time.

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Söka interactive widgets
Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Many of us have dreams and desires that we want to pursue, but how many of us have created a bucket list? With Söka, you can take your aspirations and turn them into unforgettable experiences. The app makes it easy to keep track of your most cherished dreams and aspirations, and even offers an AI-powered bucket list generator for those struggling to come up with ideas.

Söka subscribers can access exclusive interactive widgets from the home screen to complete their most important goals. The Söka widgets are also beautifully designed.

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This is only the beginning for interactive widgets

iOS 17 logo and renders on Apple's website.

There are a lot of great iOS 17 features for your iPhone, and one of my favorites is the all-new interactive widgets. There are already a lot of great ones to choose from right now, and it’ll be interesting to see what developers end up doing with this new tool over the coming months and years.

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