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The best Nokia 9 PureView cases

The best Nokia 9 PureView cases to keep your phone snap-happy

Nokia 9 hands-on review
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

If you’ve spent money on the limited edition Nokia 9 PureView, then there’s a strong chance you’re looking to take advantage of the penta-lens camera. After all, it’s a phone made for shutterbugs, and it’s begging to be taken to exciting locations. But if you’re going to be carting your phone around and constantly whipping it out of your pocket, you dramatically increase the chances it’ll fall and suffer damage.

Such damage can drastically lower the life expectancy and usability of your phone, and it’s one of the reasons we always recommend picking up a protective case to guard against scratches, drops, and bumps. Here are some of the best Nokia 9 PureView cases so you can keep snapping in peace.

EasyAcc Clear Gel Case

Sometimes simple is best. If you’re looking to increase your device’s protection without detracting from its style, then this clear case from EasyAcc is a good choice. It’s made from TPU, which is a soft material that absorbs impacts and defends against scratches, while also being completely clear. The soft material is also ideal for enhancing grip, and it gives your fingers plenty to hold onto. There are precise cutouts for all your ports and camera lenses, and the addition of the case means the camera lenses don’t rest on any surfaces when the phone is laid face up. It might not be protective enough for some, but it’s a good start if you just need basic protection.

Arkour Slim Fit Case

Cases don’t have to be invisible protectors — they can also add style. This slim fit case from Arkour is an extremely bold choice, coming in either rich red or rose gold, and it comes with a silky-smooth finish that helps increase grip on the device. It’s a hard case made from polycarbonate and it’s thinner than most other cases, sitting quite close to your Nokia 9. That slim form factor means it’s not going to absorb as much of the energy from impacts as other cases might, but the raised edges ensure your phone won’t rest on dirty surfaces. It’s certainly not for everyone, as the exposed sides and buttons mean you’re running the gauntlet of damage to those areas. However, the bold style will be enough to attract some.

Olixar Attache Leather-style Case

Another entry that adds style while also boosting protection, Olixar’s Attache case rocks a sleek, executive, black leather style that’s begging to be touched. It’s made from tough TPU and panels of synthetic PU leather that add that leather-style back panel. The leather texture adds grip, while the TPU’s soft nature helps to boost protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. Raised edges around the screen and camera lenses protect those areas from harm, while each of the corners has also been reinforced to help resist shocks even further. At this price, you really can’t go wrong.


Redluckstar Leather-style Wallet Case

When you want to leave your purse or wallet at home, the wallet case is king, as it allows you to carry your phone with a couple of payment cards in tow. This case from Redluckstar is an excellent example, using low-cost but durable PU leather as the primary protective material. Your phone sits within an inner case of TPU (providing shock protection) while the PU leather wraps around your phone, protecting the screen while not in use. It folds back into a horizontal kickstand for watching videos, and it’s kept shut with magnets. It’s on the cheaper side for a case like this, but its style doesn’t give that away and the protective elements are strong.

Ouba Air Hybrid Shock Absorbing Bumper Case

Additional style is great, but what if you just need that extra protection? Ouba has a great choice for you. Its Air Hybrid case uses a TPU bumper with a hard polycarbonate back plate to offer protection that uses the best of both materials. The soft TPU will protect against bumps and impacts, while the harder PC back will deflect scratches and other direct threats. The completely clear back also allows the style of your phone to shine through, while the case itself also doesn’t add too much additional bulk to your phone. If you take the Nokia 9 out a lot, then this could be your best choice for day-to-day protection.

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