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The best Pixel 3 XL cases and covers

The Pixel 3 series is no longer the highest-end offering from Google — that’s the Pixel 4 — but it still packs a spec sheet that holds up in 2020. The Pixel 3 XL is the larger of the two phones and a great example of how software updates alone can improve the longevity of a phone.

While the Pixel 3 XL’s traditional two-tone style and bezel-less design are beautiful, it’s still made from glass — and glass is easy to shatter, which could ruin your phone’s good looks. To keep it protected, here are the best Pixel 3 XL cases for drops, bumps, and scratch protection.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

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Spigen’s durable case is a good mix between affordability and protection, with a TPU design made to prevent shock damage and a carbon fiber style that also provides some grip protection. The military-grade air cushion technology is ideal for long-term protection, while the case is flexible enough to easily attach or remove as necessary.  The raised edges provide screen protection when your phone is face down.

Ringke Fusion-X

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Ringke’s case doesn’t just look great: it also provides military-grade drop protection with inner and outer corner barriers, and an extended lip to help protect the phone when it’s facing down. The back of the case is designed with dot-based technology that helps prevent annoying watermarks or rainbow patterns from appearing. There’s even a little lanyard hole so you can loop the case around a cord or strap for easier traveling.

Google Fabric Case

Google Pixel 3 Case
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No one knows the Pixel 3 XL better than Google itself, so a case from Google is always going to be high on the list. This case is a little bit special, as you can see. It’s made from fabric laid over a protective polycarbonate shell. Fabric isn’t a common material for cases, but it’s certainly unique, and it lends your Pixel 3 XL a special flair. It won’t be as protective as a larger case, but the inner PC shell should do a good job protecting your phone, while the outer layer of close-knit fabric should protect against scratches and other damage. It’s fully compatible with the Pixel 3 XL’s Active Edge feature, and it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Case-Mate Waterfall

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Protection doesn’t have to be unfashionable, and if you’re looking for a case that will show off your glitzy style, check out Case-Mate. The Waterfall case is tough and durable, with drop protection of up to 10 feet, but it also looks great, with a snow globe-style effect with cascading glitter. The oil on the inside of the case has been certified to be safe, and it’s fully compatible with the convenience of wireless charging. Flexible sides add grip, and it even comes with metallic button covers. It’s expensive, but can you put a price on style?

Bellroy Leather Wallet

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The Pixel 3 XL is an expensive phone with some serious style, and it deserves a case that can match it blow for blow. Bellroy’s leather wallet is gorgeous and luxurious, and adds some serious utility to your phone too. It’s made from genuine premium leather, mixed with a polymer inner core. An inner lining of microfiber protects against scratches, and there’s an area in the cover to store an extra SIM card and SIM tray tool, perfect for the world traveler on the go. It can fit up to four cards in the inner pocket, and the magnetically held front cover also doubles up as a horizontal stand. It’s very expensive, but if all these features sound great and you love the style, it’s an incredible case choice.

Air Jacket Clear

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TPU is tough but it’s soft, and if you want hard protection that’s light in weight, then you’ll want a polycarbonate case. The Air Jacket case is completely made from polycarbonate, which means it’s tough and hard, while also being crystal clear and very light. Coated with a self-healing layer, it’ll reform minor scratches over time, leaving your case blemish-free. It clips onto your Pixel 3 XL, holding close to the phone, and gives all-around protection for the back and all four sides of the phone. But it’s not perfect; it’s expensive at $40, and polycarbonate won’t protect as well against drops and falls as a softer, impact-absorbing TPU case. But as a hard and clear case, it’s very good.

Nomad Rugged Leather Case

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Leather is a wonderful material for style and protection. Nomad’s rugged leather case is made from U.S. Horween leather molded onto a combination of TPU and hard PC, which means it should be able to cope with a wide variety of hazards and still look great. The leather will continue to mature as the case ages, and the unique grain means you’ll always end up with an accessory like no other. Nomad claims the multiple layers protect against drops of up to 6 feet, and despite all that protection, it still comes in a fairly thin package. The $50 price tag isn’t too much for genuine leather either.

Rhinoshield Solid Suit Case

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Rhinoshield is well known for its Crash Guard bumper case, but the Solid Suit is another offering worth considering from the brand. The one we’ve listed is in the white finish, which goes well with the Classic White finish of the Google Pixel 3 XL. Made with a blend of polycarbonate and TPU, the case is flexible yet durable enough to keep your device safe from drops and bumps. On the inside is a honeycomb pattern that helps disperse impact as well. We particularly like this case for its precise cutouts throughout, leaving enough space for the fingerprint scanner, camera, and charging port.

Ringke Fusion-X Case

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Besides the Just Blue finish of the original Google Pixel, the company hasn’t really taken many risks in terms of phone colors. But the two-tone design of the Pixel 3 XL is still worth showing off. The Ringke Fusion-X is a great option for those in search of a clear case that doesn’t yellow over time. This is cleverly done by using a black TPU frame to surround a hard-shell backplate. Underneath the clear layer is a dot matrix that prevents bubbles from forming between the case and your phone. The Fusion-X may not suit everyone’s taste, but it provides a good amount of protection with its reinforced corners and won’t break the bank.

Caseology Vault Case

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Caseology has been pushing out high-quality cases for quite some time, so it was no surprise that one of their offerings for the Pixel 3 XL would make the list. The Caseology Vault case isn’t an eye-catcher by any means, but the sleek design will surely satisfy the minimalist user. It’s textured on the back and sides, giving you a sturdy grip on your phone. Even with the ridges that help with shock dispersion underneath the case, your Pixel 3 XL won’t sacrifice any functionality — it can still charge wirelessly and be squeezed for Google Assistant.

Tech21 Evo Check

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What if you like clear cases, but want to add some extra style to your phone while still protecting it? Those are some weirdly specific requirements you’ve got there, but thankfully the Evo Check case from Tech21 covers most of those bases. It’s made from a flexible material called FlexShock, which Tech21 claims can absorb shock from drops of up to 12 feet. We don’t recommend you test that, but it provides some good peace of mind regardless. It’s adorned with a series of checks that provide a cool style to your Pixel 3 XL’s two-tone design. It’s expensive, but if you’re serious about your protection, it’s a good buy.

Kerf Wooden Case

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We’re all used to cases made from leather and plastic, but what about wood? Wood isn’t the best protective material in the world for absorbing drop impact, and can sometimes break — but it’s attractive and protects extremely well against more direct threats. Kerf’s wooden cases are among the few premium wood cases around, and they’re extremely beautiful. You have the choice of multiple types of wood for your case, and there’s an inner lining of suede to hold your phone safely. It doesn’t block wireless charging, and Kerf claims it’s also compatible with the Pixel’s Active Edge feature. It’s certainly expensive but great if you love the wood aesthetic.

Obliq K3 Wallet Case

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Wallet cases have a style all their own, and this one from Obliq is no different. It’s crafted from synthetic leather and uses an inner core of hard PC to hold your phone in place. The leather cover folds behind the phone while it’s in use, and covers your phone’s display to keep it safe while it’s in your bag or pocket. There are three internal card pockets and a single exterior card pocket that’s perfect for your ID or tickets you need at a moment’s notice. Thanks to the combination of a leather exterior with the hard PC inner, this case is protective and not too expensive for a wallet case.

Speck Presidio Grip

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Another name with a tremendous protective pedigree, Speck has brought one of its most popular lines back for the Pixel 3 XL. The Presidio Grip case is one of Speck’s most recognizable cases. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to get some reliable protection for your phone with minimal fuss. It uses two layers of defense that provide drop protection of up to 10 feet. The Presidio Grip has raised bezels to keep your phone from direct contact with surfaces, helping protect the screen. A series of distinctive lines adorning the back of the case provide additional grip. Admittedly, the Presidio Grip is on the expensive side for a case. But we judge the cost worth it to get Speck’s level of quality.

UAG Monarch Series

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If protection is the most important thing to you, there aren’t many more protective cases than UAG’s Monarch series. It has five layers of defensive construction, including a covering of top grain leather and a rugged metal alloy. The combination of materials makes the UAG Monarch Series supremely effective at protecting against a wide variety of threats. UAG claims that this case has passed military standards for drop and shock protection and even exceeded the guidelines by twice the required amount. It’s not a subtle case — especially if you choose the red option — but it’s a firm insurance policy against breakage. If you don’t mind a case that looks rugged, then the UAG Monarch series case is an excellent all-around safeguard.

Otterbox Symmetry Series

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You can have superior protection in a sleek design. That is the ethos Otterbox has always followed with its Symmetry cases. Of course, being an Otterbox, it still has the durability of a tank. But the Otterbox Symmetry is slim for a protective case, though it still meets the standards of Otterbox’s Certified Drop+ Protection tests.

The case features a one-piece construction that works well with the Pixel 3 XL’s Active Edge feature, and a raised bezel protects your phone’s display. It’s also super easy to install. The Symmetry is a little on the pricey side, which is typical of Otterbox. But if you’re looking for a case that has something of a more subtle style to it, then you can’t beat Otterbox’s slim and stylish protection.

When you chose to invest in your Pixel 3 XL, you wanted it to last a long time, so you know how important it is to protect it from accidents and environmental threats. The device’s external glass surface is sleekly designed, but adding a heavy-duty case is sure to make your phone last even longer. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise style for protection with our favorite Pixel 3 covers and cases. 

Although the Google Pixel isn’t as widely recognized as the iPhone and Galaxy, it’s still possible to find various high-quality cases. You can choose from contemporary leather covers, simple, transparent cases, and robust silicone covers made by a wide range of reputable brands. 

Otter Box produces Pixel 3 XL cases that include their gold-standard damage protection guarantee. Rhinoshield and Caseology offer the same. 

Even though the later and more popular models offer many different third-party accessories, you can still find numerous options for the Pixel 3 XL.

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