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Kerry Wan

Former Digital Trends Contributor
samsung galaxy note 20 ultra hands on features price photos release date back

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases and covers

With its gorgeous 6.9-inch AMOLED display and hefty $1,299 price tag, you'll want to keep your Note 20 Ultra protected. These are the best cases available now.
samsung galaxy s9 plus best buy discounts review maps 2 768x768

How to disable location services on your phone

The things we do and the places we go are more exposed than ever thanks to our smartphones. Luckily, you can disable your location services with a few taps.
samsung galaxy s9 review

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S9 just hit its two-year mark, but it's still an amazing phone with a lot to offer. Grab your Galaxy S9 and check out our tips and tricks.
Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

Quirky smartphone accessories you never knew you needed

If you or someone you know is a sucker for accessories, you'll want to check out our collection of quirky smartphone accessories you never knew you needed.

How to apply a screen protector on a smartphone

When it comes to protecting your smartphone, a screen protector is a must, shielding your phone from scratches, scuffs, and even drops. Learn how to apply one.
Tik Tok

The best TikTok alternative apps for Android and iOS

TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing apps. It's also nearing the end of its U.S. operations for security reasons. These are the best alternatives.
iPhone XR

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone XR

Screenshotting is a very useful tool -- letting you save webpages and capture funny memes. There are many ways to do it on the iPhone XR, so we'll show you how.
samsung galaxy note 20 ultra hands on features price photos release date cam module

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs. Galaxy S20: A tale of two Galaxies

The Galaxy Note 20 brings the best camera and S-Pen features Samsung has to offer. How does it fare against the S20? We compare the two and pick a winner.
Galaxy Note 20 Back

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs. Galaxy Note 10: A noteworthy upgrade?

Samsung's Note 20 phone brings new cameras and features. So how does it fare with last year's Note 10? We compare the two and pick the one you should buy.
oneplus nord hands on features price photos release date rear

OnePlus Nord vs. iPhone SE (2020): A budget-friendly matchup

OnePlus and Apple offer two affordable smartphones in the Nord and iPhone SE. With great specs and cameras, we compare the two to see which is worth your money.
asus rog phone 3 review

Asus ROG Phone 3 vs. Nubia Red Magic 5G: Battle of the top gaming phones

Asus just launched the ROG Phone 3 -- its latest take on a gaming smartphone. We compared it with the Red Magic 5G to see which is a level above the other.
protectores para Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cases and covers

The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's latest take on a foldable phone. With its fragile glass display and hinge, these are the best cases to keep the Z Flip protected.
Samsung Galaxy S20 line in hand

How to trade in your smartphone

Trading in your smartphone can be a daunting task. Here's a simple guide on how to back up, reset, clean, and ship out your phone to get the most money back.
huawei p40 pro plus hands on features price photos release date camera hand

Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: Best of Huawei meets best of Apple

Huawei's P40 Pro Plus is a compelling offering with new cameras and a gorgeous display. We pit it against the iPhone 11 Pro Max to see which comes out on top.
LG Velvet Back

LG Velvet vs. iPhone 11: Solid hardware vs. solid software

The Velvet is LG's latest high-end smartphone, but it's not alone with the iPhone 11 right behind. We break down the two to see which is the better offering.
motorola edge review back

Motorola Edge vs. OnePlus 8: Which is better for $700?

The Motorola Edge and OnePlus 8 offer premium displays and best-in-class specs for under $700. We'll help you decide which is the better bang for your buck.
samsung galaxy s20 ultra vs huawei p40 pro camera zoom comparison and cameras

Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Uber-flagship throwdown

How does the Huawei P40 Pro Plus fair against the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? We break down the hardware, software, and cameras of both to see which is the best.