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The best postcard apps to help you embrace snail mail

best postcard apps
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When’s the last time you sent a postcard? If you’re like most people, you probably rely on email, text or social media as your primary modes of communication; but if you’re looking for something a little more personal, a postcard may be the perfect option.

Technology has made it dead simple to create and send the perfect postcard, even if you don’t have stamps. There are dozens of postcard apps available online that allow you to create, sign and send a postcard to anyone in the world. Since each of these apps have their own strengths and weaknesses, we compiled a list of the five best postcard apps for iOS and Android.


iOS and Android (free)

TouchNote allows you to create postcards and cards for any occasion. Available on iOS and Android, TouchNote is incredibly simple to use. Postcards start at $2.99, but you can get a discount if you purchase a package. There’s a decent selection of font for the back of the postcard and you can even create a custom stamp.


iOS and Android (free)

At $1.99, Postgram is one of the more affordable postcard apps around. There are plenty of backgrounds and templates available for any occasion; the option to adjust colors is a nice touch too. While the app works well on both iOS and Android, we wish you had the option to see the back of the card before shipping.  


iOS and Android (free)

Available on for Android and iOS, Popcarte has some spectacular features.  Postcards start at $1.80 without a stamp; if you want to actually send the card, you’re looking at another $1.50 for shipping. Even though it’s slightly more expensive, Popcarte offers a ton of attractive templates for any occasion. The option to add a custom signature is an added bonus.


iOS (free)

Like Postcare, Postsnap offers no shortage of great templates. It’s easy to choose images for your postcard since you can select images from Facebook and Instagram. Effects, similar to Instagram filters, let you easily refine your images. We also loved the QR Code that is printed on the back of the card, allowing your recipient to easily reply.  Two size postcards are available at $2.75 or $3.25.

SnapShot Postcard

iOS (free)

Image used with permission by copyright holder

SnapShot Postcard is a very basic, but capable, postcard app. Available only for iPhone and iPad, SnapShot Postcard, is one of the cheapest options we found. Postcards are only $1.80. While there aren’t a ton of templates available, you can easily upload your own custom artwork. For us, the biggest benefit was the availability to add your own return address to the card.

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