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Bluetooth certification reveals Sony Ericsson LT28at LTE super phone

Sony Ericsson LT28at BluetoothA new smartphone from Sony Ericsson has been revealed through its Bluetooth certification entry, and rather than being another for the European networks, it’s listed as a North American model only. The LT28at will be coming to AT&T and will connect to their LTE high-speed network.

While it’s not the first phone to be leaked via Bluetooth’s site, the blurb features an unusually high level of detail. Described as a “tablet capacity super phone”, the LT28at will feature a 4.55-inch Reality Display touchscreen with a 720p, HD resolution. Sony Ericsson’s Reality Display screens can also be found on the Arc and Arc S phones, and it uses Bravia software enhancements to produce vivid colors and and sharp images.

The LT28at will also have a massive 13-megapixel camera that can also shoot 720p video. A series of images said to be taken with the camera have also been leaked, and even after being published on the web in a condensed form, still look absolutely fantastic.

Google Android is going to be the LT28at’s operating system, but which version hasn’t been stated, and a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor has also been linked to the new device. Other features include a forward-facing video call camera lens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (obviously) and dual microphones for noise suppression.

There are similarities here with the LT26i, codenamed Nozomi, which is also likely to feature a 1.5Ghz processor, but a slightly smaller 4.3-inch touchscreen.

It seems logical to expect the LT28at to make its debut appearance at CES in January.

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