Cameras Top Mobile Phone Shopper Wishlists

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With the dizzying array of features packed into even the lowest rung of phones in your cell providers’ catalog, it’s easy to get sidetracked with novelty features and throw-away gimmicks. That said, a recent survey by ABI Research has sifted out the three most-wanted extras for consumers: digital cameras, Bluetooth, and music.

Digital cameras with 2.0 or more megapixels were by far the most desired feature among survey respondents, with 47 percent pegging them as a “must have.” Bluetooth and digital music or FM radio were slightly less popular, with a about a third of consumers demanding them (34 and 32 percent, respectively.)

Besides identifying where cell manufacturers have succeeded with useful features, the survey also revealed which features go to waste by asking consumers what options they have on their phones but never use. Games and Internet access were near the top of that list, due to either unsatisfactory user experience or price structure.