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Clip & Talk: a Bluetooth headset that tells your doctor when you’re sick

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While you talk on the phone, your Bluetooth headset could be talking to your doctor. At CE Week 2015 in New York City, Clip & Talk revealed its lineup of Bluetooth headsets and accompanying app, which can tell your doctor when you’re sick.

Clip & Talk, as the name suggests, features an unobtrusive earpiece clip so you can clip it somewhere closer to your ear than inside your pocket for easy access. A quick flip of the switch in the back of the headset, and it turns on and pairs in three seconds or less. If someone is calling you, the headset can automatically answer it by just being flipped on. Clip & Talk has seven different models: the Me, Fashion Matrix, Aluminum, View, Alu Pro, Alu Health, and Alu Pro Health. The headsets average between four and six hours of talk time and no more than two hours of charging time. All models are compatible with Siri and other voice-recognition software, and work with all popular VoIP services such as Skype and Viber.

The headset comes with a companion app, Clip & Talk Health, which is only available for iOS devices. The app monitors your health body data every time it is used, creating a baseline of what is the user’s normal health. Unlike the Apple Watch and a lot of other wearables that track health data, Clip & Talk is clinically validated. The headset monitors everything from heart rate and steps to cadence and metabolism. Through a combination of data inputted by the user, sensor data, and algorithms, the app can suggest medical attention and even prompt a user to approve a 911 call in the case of an emergency. The users’ GPS location, real-time sensor data, and medical history will be stored and easily accessible by EMTs and other medical professionals.

The Clip & Talk has a compartment which slides out a USB stick. That’ll come in handy for easy charging, but it also transforms your Bluetooth headset into a USB storage device, as there is a slot in the back for you to insert a MicroSD card. The USB and MicroSD feature is exclusive to the Aluminum, Alu Pro, View, Alu Health, and Alu Pro Health models. You can even control the music playing on your phone on certain models with volume and track controls on the sides.

Each of the seven models has a different price point. The Me series ($39.99), Fashion Matrix ($59.90), Aluminum  ($69.90), Alu Pro ($79.90), and View ($99) are its sub-$100 offerings, with Alu Health ($149.90) and Alu Pro Health ($159.90) being a bit more pricey. There is not set release date but all models will ship by early September.

With some places planning to prevent accidents by making walking lanes for those that walk and text, Clip & Talk could help you stay healthy while you talk on the phone.

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