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Ready to 3D print your own smartphone case?


You know how annoying it is when you run into someone and they’re wearing the same thing? Or even worse, touting around the same accessory? (Yours truly has been known to cross the street to avoid a clashing of the fashions.)

Right now, the same could happen with your cell phone cases. While there are plenty to choose from for most designs, there are still a limited amount. A new start-up hoping for funding on Indiegogo, will help to alleviate the notion that you will ever see someone with the same phone case as you carry.

UCreate3D is a company that, given it gets the funding required, will let you create custom cases for both your phone and tablet, using 3D printing. If it launches — which looks promising, since it has already raised more than $13,000 of its $20,000 goal — you’ll be able to customize the back pane of your case, then choose an appropriate band to tie it all together.

It’s a creative, unique idea, and we’re really hopeful that the company will get the funding it needs. If it takes off, you’ll be able to add whatever quote, logo, or design you desire to your device’s case, and it’s likely to be that you’ll never see someone else with the same case … unless you want them to have it.

The best part? The company says it will make sure that it will create cases for every single phone, as they are released. This is great news, considering, many times, cases for more obscure brands can run few and far between.

Smartphone cases will retail for around $40, while tablets will run at about $80. But order both, and you can get them for $100.

If the company meets its goal, the shipments should hit households this summer.

UCreate3D IndieGoGo Campaign Movie from Vincent Van de Poll on Vimeo.

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