Sorry BlackBerry! The Pentagon may start using iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices


For as long as any of us can remember, when it comes to secure mobile phones being used for official purposes, BlackBerry has ultimately been the go-to device. In fact, this is a huge factor in helping to keep the company afloat in a sea of ever-advancing smartphones with far more app choices. But watch out BlackBerry. It looks like the Department of Defense (DoD) is going deliver you yet another blow; the government office is expected to approve both Apple iOS and Samsung galaxy devices for use by officials in the Pentagon, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Apple’s iOS 6 phones and tablets will only be allowed to be used for unofficial use, like browsing the Web and sending unclassified e-mails and messages. But Samsung Galaxy products will be tested out by the DoD to make sure they comply with The Defense Information System Agency’s Security Technology Implementation Guide. Only devices with Knox security software already installed will be up for consideration. Because of this additional level of security above iOS devices, these will likely be allowed for transmitting even classified information, at least to the same extent as the Pentagon has done in the past via BlackBerry.

This could prove to be bad news for BlackBerry. If government officials, working for one of the most secure departments in the U.S., are allowed to ditch their BlackBerry’s in exchange for one of these more prolific devices, what’s to stop the trend from carrying on to the corporate world?

Update 5-2-2013: Today the Department of Defense announced that it has approved BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook tablets to the Defense Information Systems Agency approved product list, as long as they’re running Enterprise Service 10. There is no word yet on iPhones (they may not be approved at all), but Galaxy devices with Samsung Knox included will be allowed.