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New Epicurious app puts more than 1,000 food videos at would-be chefs’ fingertips

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Do you have a mind for all things culinary and are you curious to learn more? There’s an app for you. On Tuesday, Epicurious launched a new app for iPhone and iPad that brings recipes into the 21st century by way of video. Meet “Epicurious Recipes & Food Videos,” the app that promises to put “more than a thousand food videos directly at your fingertips.”

Ninety new recipe videos are now available on the app, because while the art of cooking may be millennia old, we shouldn’t have to rely on the same old methods to learn new techniques. “We believe that the future of recipes is video,” said Eric Gillin, executive director of Epicurious and head of product for the Food Innovation Group. “When you open Facebook, when you open Instagram, more people are learning to cook and getting inspiration for their next meal from food videos than before.”

In addition to the new recipe videos, the Epicurious app also comes with 10 new series, including “Three-Ingredient Thanksgiving,” which provides simple holiday recipes that require just three ingredients for a delicious meal. And really, with Thanksgiving around the corner, who doesn’t want an easy recipe for an orange-sage turkey or a caramel apple tart?

Even if you don’t want to follow a video to learn how to cook, the new app has you covered. With more than 35,000 tested recipes alongside cooking tips, holiday menus, and recipe collections, you ought to be more than prepared for the annual stretching of the pants that accompanies the next couple months.

“We challenged ourselves to come up with a whole new way of thinking about food content,” noted Epicurious editor David Tamarkin. “Our goal is to give readers what they want, when they need it—from the grocery aisle to the kitchen counter. The new app lets us do that better.”

So whether you’re searching for the latest recipe or video feed from Epicurious, or want to check out what foods are fresh at nearby farms with the Seasonal Ingredients Finder, the new Epicurious app can somehow be of service this eating, er, holiday season.

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