Keep track of your kids with this smartwatch

filip smartwatch coming to att watch

Kids get everywhere. They never listen and they’re always running out of sight. However, one company hopes to give you parents a little piece of mind. In a joint announcement with AT&T, Filip Technologies has announced a partnership a wearable voice watch and locator for children.

The device is yet to be released and no information as far as availability or price have been revealed, but the intent is to provide safety and communication options for parents. The smartwatch-esque Filip will allow parents and kids to stay in touch with a single push of a button. Through an app that works with the device, parents will be able to track the location of their child, call or direct message them, and set five trusted contacts the kid can communicate with. Additionally, location-centric features – like providing a notification of the child leaves a designated safe area – are available.

The agreement between AT&T and Filip Technologies makes AT&T the exclusive network provider for the Filip, which we assume means you’ll need to pay extra on your phone bill each month to use this watch. It appears to be a promising development for parents who want an extra bit of connectivity to their child even when they are out of sight, but more details will be available in the coming months.

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