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Finally, a chocolate iPhone case that you can actually eat

Digital Trends is packed with carefully curated collections of cases for iPhones and other smartphones, but up to now, none of the featured cases have been edible. Even those “chocolate” cases you see advertised are merely plastic representations of the tasty treat loved by so many.

Not a big surprise, you might say, as the primary purpose of a smartphone case is to protect the device from scuffs and scrapes, not to satisfy your stomach in an appetite emergency.

But wait. What’s this? An edible case for the iPhone 11? Made from real chocolate? That you can eat?!?

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British celebrity baker Matt Adlard showed off the case on Instagram recently after making it using a FormBox kit sent to him by educational startup Makyu. FormBox, which we first heard about back in 2016 when it was a Kickstarter project, is a clever little device that lets you create molds of pretty much any shape. Yes, including that of an iPhone 11.

The video (above) shows Adlard carefully creating the mold before adding the chocolate. Once set, he cuts a hole for the iPhone 11’s two lenses before placing his handset into the finished product.

Commenting on his creation, Adlard wrote in his Instagram post: “This was just the first go with the FormBox … but imagine the possibilities … What do you think @apple — can we stock some for Christmas?!”

In the interest of transparency, it’s only right to point out that there are several drawbacks with a phone case made of chocolate. For starters, it wouldn’t last five minutes with most of you, with the entire product likely disappearing down your gullet in the time it takes to say, “Let’s make another one.”

Secondly, in warmer weather, things could get rather messy as the chocolate melts into a gooey mess inside your pocket. And finally, let’s be frank, this phone case will not protect your phone from knocks and drops. Because it’s made of chocolate.

If you’re on the lookout for a proper case for your iPhone 11, then be sure to check out Digital Trends’ suggestions. Honestly, they’ll safeguard your handset way more effectively than this chocolate one.

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