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Fitbit’s new health care platform sets out to improve wellness in the workplace

Fitbit is known for its selection of fitness wearables and apps that help a wide range of individuals to stay on top of their health game. But with its new platform called Fitbit Care, it’s now zoning in on health care plans and employers.

To encourage preventive care and improve disease management, Fitbit is leveraging its wearable health-tracking devices to help people get healthy. The debut of Fitbit Care follows the company’s February 2018 acquisition of Twine Health, which uses health coaching in the workplace to help people achieve better health and attempts to lower health care costs for employers.

To take advantage of Fitbit Care, users will have to download the Fitbit Plus app. In order to gain access, you will have to be enrolled through your employer, health system, or health plan before downloading it — meaning, it’s not available to the general public.

Fitbit’s wearables will work with the new platform in the same way they always have, by tracking users’ activity, heart rate, sleep, and additional metrics like female health tracking — a feature that was announced for the Fitbit Versa. With user consent, the health data will be given to care teams in an effort to provide more personalized fitness recommendations.

Users will also have access to a health coach and care teams who will create, and participate in, customized care plans. Participants that already work with an established care team will be able to maintain their existing service through the plan. They can maintain a connection with their coach by scheduling in-person meetings, phone calls, and more, to make sure they’re achieving their health goals.

Fitbit Plus enables employees to use the app to communicate with their care team and health coach, who will then provide them with guidance whenever needed. The app also has the ability to support health metrics like blood glucose, blood pressure, and other data from third-party connected devices. Users will be able to see and track important health data through the app as well.

Like the main Fitbit App, Fitbit Care also provides users with social support tools. This includes connecting with groups via Fitbit’s social feed and accessing guided workouts. Employers can also use it to provide support for participating staff members —  like sending messages of encouragement or forming groups that will help keep employees motivated.

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