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OnePlus 7 Pro: Key settings you need to change on your new phone

Your OnePlus 7 Pro is awesome out of the box, but there's more to discover

OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7 Pro Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Your OnePlus 7 Pro is awesome. It has a good camera, a stunning screen, fast charging, and the great OxygenOS software built over Android. Still, there are a few settings and aspects you should ensure are active, or alter, to make owning the phone even better. We’re here to put you on the right path to OnePlus 7 Pro ownership nirvana.

What’s that? You don’t own a OnePlus 7 Pro yet? Here’s our review of the latest OnePlus phone to help out with your decision.

Now, for the rest of you, pick up your phone and follow our carefully chosen OnePlus 7 Pro tips:

Activate face unlock

OnePlus doesn’t give you the option to activate Face Unlock when you set up the phone, so you must do it manually later on. Don’t dismiss it as slow just because the phone has a pop-up camera, because it’s not, and we’ve found it activates quicker than the fingerprint sensor sometimes.

Go to Settings > Security and Lock Screen, then choose Face Unlock. You will have to enter your PIN to go to the next menu, where you then tap Add Face Data. Follow the on-screen instructions to record your face, and then exit back to the main Face Unlock screen. Make sure you also alter the Default unlock method option, so you don’t have to swipe up on the screen once your face is recognized.

Now, when you press the power key to wake the phone, the camera will pop up to unlock your phone, and it’ll be ready to use.

Increase battery life

Who doesn’t want to increase battery life on their phone? If the OnePlus 7 Pro isn’t lasting as long as you want, then there is a setting that will help extend the lifetime of the battery, without sacrificing too much functionality. The phone’s screen has a 90Hz refresh rate, and a high 3120 x 1440 pixel resolution, which puts additional pressure on the battery.

Go to Settings > Display > Screen Refresh Rate. The phone defaults to 90Hz, but gives the option to switch to 60Hz, which will result in slightly longer battery life. Tap this option to activate 60Hz. Go back to the main Display page, then select Resolution, then FHD+. The phone defaults on an auto-switching option; but by forcing a 2336 x 1080 pixel resolution, you’ll get a little more battery life from your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Try Zen Mode

Need a 20-minute break? You want Zen Mode. To activate this unusual feature, swipe right on the Home Screen to show OnePlus’s Dashboard screen. Tap the edit button in the top right of the screen, then tap More. Make sure Zen Mode is switched on. Return to the Dashboard and scroll down to the bottom, where you should see Zen Mode. Tap the icon and then Let’s Go.

You get a list of warnings that once Zen Mode is active, all apps will be blocked and incoming notifications will be muted. You can still receive calls and make emergency calls, but that’s it for 20 minutes. Make good use of the time.

Pick your gestures

OxygenOS has some of the best gestures available outside of iOS, but if you don’t like them and would prefer to use the standard Android navigation system, it’s easy to change.

Go to Settings > Buttons and Gestures > Navigation Bar & Gestures. Here, you have the choice of three different control methods. We recommend using Navigation gestures, but at least you can swap between them to find your preference. Don’t forget to watch the instructional images at the bottom of the screen to see how each one operates.

Turn on haptics

The improved haptic feedback on the OnePlus 7 Pro is a joy, and we recommend experiencing it at all times. Open Settings, then Sound and Vibration, and scroll down to find the Touch Vibration option. Switch this on, and you will feel the subtle vibration when using the keyboard, tapping different options, and more.

Don’t worry, it’s not intrusive, but OnePlus has clearly worked hard on the haptics, so it’s nice to be able to enjoy them.

Pick a font

When you first set up your phone, it gives the option to select the font used for the operating system. In your keenness to use your new phone, it’s easy to quickly skip past this, but OnePlus has developed its own attractive font to try out. To check which font you’re using, go to Settings > Display, and then scroll down to find Font.

Tap this and look for which option is selected. Roboto is the name of the default, but try out the OnePlus Slate for a change, or vice versa. We like OnePlus Slate and it’s more subtle coloring and style.

Quick activate Google Assistant

If you use Google Assistant along with the gesture control system, or would like a new way to activate the Assistant, then you can use a short press of the power key. This should already be active, but here’s what to do if it’s not.

Go to Settings > Buttons & Gestures, then make sure the Quick Activate the Assistant App is toggled on. To use the feature, ignore what the instructions say about the time needed, as it takes a meaningful, one-second press to wake up Google Assistant. Press longer for the power menu up.

Find the camera modes

OxygenOS is usually intuitive, but it’s easy to miss the camera modes and settings menu in the standard camera app. Open it up, and on the viewfinder screen swipe up from the shutter release. This will see a menu rise with the option to select Nightscape, Pro mode, Portrait, Settings, and other modes.

While you’re there, go to the Camera Settings, and choose Customized Modes. Here you can add the modes you use most often to the list of options on the main viewfinder screen. Just tap the Plus icon to select them. We also recommend switching on the Grid feature under the Camera Settings menu, to help compose your shots.

Gaming Mode and Fnatic Mode

Go to Settings > Utilities > Gaming Mode. Here, you can tailor how your phone responds to interruptions when you’re playing a game and whether you want to see notifications or accept calls, plus some graphical enhancements too.

Gaming mode automatically activates when you start a game that has been included on the list shown in the menu. If your favorite game isn’t shown, press the Plus icon and add it from the list shown.

Fnatic Mode is an extension of Gaming Mode, and has been developed with the help of the Fnatic esports team to make the most of the powerful OnePlus 7 Pro and help you avoid distractions. Open a game and you’re presented with the Gaming Mode screen, but you’ll also see an option to turn on Fnatic Mode.

Do this, and it blocks all notifications, restricts background apps, and disconnects the second SIM card, if one is installed. It also optimizes the processor, graphics chip, and the memory for the best gaming experience. Just remember that you won’t get any notifications when Fnatic Mode is active.

Digital Wellbeing

This is a Google Android feature to help keep track of, and potentially curb your smartphone use. You can find the feature under Settings > Digital Wellbeing. From here you can set app timers, which are useful mainly if kids are using your phone, but we do like Wind Down. This applies a grayscale filter to the screen at a predetermined time to help protect your eyes and encourage you to put your phone down at night, and adds Do Not Disturb so the phone does not wake you up either. Wind Down turns off at a set time in the morning, ready to start your day.

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