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Flipagram allowing its users to share private photo stories

flipagram messaging feature stories app
Social media apps are on a quest to keep their users locked in for longer periods of time. Flipagram, the personal video storytelling app, is the latest one to add a new feature that allows its users to share private stories (Flips) with one another or to a select group of friends in the community.

Flipagram users are now able to direct message Flips to a specific friend or group without having to click out of the app and share publicly. The DM feature is located to the right of the plus button that is used to create a new Flip story. This new feature will replace the music button, now residing in the app’s “Explore” section. In order to use direct messaging, all parties have to follow each other.

After clicking on the messaging button, the app will take the user to another screen where messages and Flips can be exchanged in private. “While public sharing and social media continue to be powerful uses for Flipagram, increasingly we find people sharing more personal Flips with hand-selected audiences through private sharing options such as messenger, SMS or email,” says CEO and co-founder of Flipagram Farhad Mohit. “By building Direct Messaging into Flipagram we’ve made it much simpler for private Flips to be shared with just the right audience, while keeping the conversations around these Flips on Flipagram where they are most immersively experienced.”

Flipagram’s latest add-on comes after the app unveiled a music video camera feature that allows users to create music videos of themselves lip-syncing to their favorite tunes and share the clip.

The DM feature opens doors for its users to be creative at expressing themselves, and could come in handy for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

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