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FYB London is making a new line of smart handbags that can charge your devices

fyb london smart handbag screen shot 2017 05 16 at 2 19 40 pm
Your mobile office has never looked so stylish. That is because your newest mobile office just may be your handbag. Meet FYB London, heralded as the maker of the world’s smartest handbags and your new get-out-of-work-early card. Featuring wireless smart device charging, bio-lock security, Bluetooth proximity alerts, and “enough organization to rival a mobile office,” this company’s products promise to be as efficient as they are chic, and want to apply those same adjectives to you.

The FYB London Smart Handbag collection is clearly designed with mobility in mind, providing you with the energy you need to charge all your electronics (though sadly, you can’t plug yourself into the 5,000 mAh charging pocket when you are in need of a pick-me-up). With padded laptop and tablet compartments, in addition to several other organizational pockets, you can keep all your devices and documents within reach.

And don’t worry about prying fingers making their way into your handbag. FYB promises that all its products are protected by a Transportation Security Administration- accepted biometric recognition lock, which means you and only you (or whomever else you allow) can access the contents of your tote. But for convenience’s sake, you can easily unlock your bag from your phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and this same connectivity will alert you if you happen to leave a business meeting without your trusty sidekick.

All FYB London Smart Handbags are made with premium leather and come in either a city bag or tote style. With more than two weeks left in the campaign, the handbags have raised more than double their goal and are nearing $75,000 in funding from 265 backers. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, you can pre-order a London Smart City Bag for $259, or a London Smart Travel Tote for $293. Both products are expected to be delivered by August.

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