Expanding Glass: Google lets Explorers invite three friends to try its high-tech specs

Google Glass

It won’t be too long before Google begins offering its Glass specs to one and all, with many expecting a rollout in the first half of next year. Between now and then, the Mountain View company will continue to refine its face-based computer, rolling out monthly software updates for its thousands of Explorer users to test out.

On Monday, Google said it wanted to expand the Explorer program, offering existing Glass users the chance to invite three friends to become part of the select group.

“Over the next few weeks, all Explorers will have the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program,” the company said on its Google+ page, adding, “They’ll be able to buy Glass online and can have it shipped to their home, office, treehouse or igloo. We’re counting on you to get Glass to the people you think will make great Explorers. More Explorers means more feedback, and more feedback means better Glass.”

Yes, you read it right; invited friends will have to hand over $1500 to get their hands on the specs.

Current Explorers will soon receive an email explaining that invitations can only be sent to US residents aged 18 or over. A US shipping address will be necessary, too, though it’ll also be possible to collect them from a Google office in New York, San Francisco, or LA.

In addition to the expansion of its Explorer program, Google said that before the the year’s out Explorers will have a one-time opportunity to swap their existing Glass for a new set that’ll work with future lines of shades and prescription frames. More details can be found here.

If you opt for the hardware update, you’ll also receive a mono earbud allowing you to receive sound directly through your ear. Currently, the wearable tech uses bone conduction for audio delivery.

Google is yet to offer a specific date for the launch of Glass, though reports over the weekend suggested the company is prepping an enormous floating structure in San Francisco Bay to market the product when it does finally hit the market.

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