Glass: Google now inviting Explorers to swap out for new version

google glass public release date still mystery maybe year oct 2013

Google hasn’t even properly launched its high-tech Glass device and already its rolling out an upgraded version. With the company on Wednesday sending out emails encouraging its growing army of Explorer testers to swap out their current Glass for an updated version, we surely cannot be too far away from a commercial launch.

While each Explorer had to pay a wallet-wilting $1,500 to get their hands on the original version of Google’s face-based computer, the Mountain View company is offering the upgrade for the princely sum of nothing. 

If you’re an Explorer that happens to have formed a bond with your Glass device so strong that handing it back could leave you dewy eyed, or worse, susceptible to sudden outpourings of grief in front of friends and family, then fear not  you don’t have to send it back. But be aware that if you don’t you’re likely to miss out on future Glass enhancements, as Google is working on developing software and accessories only with the latest model from here on out.

The company says that while the new version of its wearable tech looks and feels the same as the original one, users should find it faster and more durable. It’s also compatible with the promised prescription frames, and comes with shades and a mono earbud. 

Any Explorer who bought Glass before October 28 this year can swap their current device for the upgraded version, with Google running the offer until February 5, 2014. A renewed one-year warranty is also part of the deal.

Continuing with its work to get the gadget ready for a commercial release next year, the Web giant this week added more functionality to Glass in the form of some new music-based features. Stereo earbuds have also been added to the Glass accessory store, though at $85, they don’t come cheap. 

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