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Google Maps gets more ride-sharing options, though it depends where you are

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Google continues to tweak its Maps app for iOS – a new update rolled out on Wednesday introduces a few new features and enhancements, some of which landed on the Android Maps app just last week.

The app has included Uber integration for the last couple of years, but a new dedicated ride-sharing tab in the form of a taxi icon offers information on other available ride-sharing services and trip prices if you have their apps installed – and live in the right place.

You’ll find the new tab alongside the existing car, transit, and walking tabs that appear when you hit the Directions button at the bottom right of the display.

The ride-sharing services newly incorporated into Google Maps include Gett for the U.K.; Hailo for the U.K., Ireland, Spain, Singapore, and Japan; Mytaxi for Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, and Poland; 99Taxis for Brazil; and Ola for India.

Tap on the taxi tab to bring up information on estimated fares and how close the cars are in minutes. So whereas Google Maps up to now only featured Uber for London-based riders, those with the Gett and Hailo apps installed can now also check details for all three firms. Tap on the best deal and you’ll be taken to the app to hail the ride.

Having the extra competition within Google Maps might not be so great for Uber, but for the Mountain Company it could mean more Maps usage as users hit the app to find the best deal. All we want now is for the feature to include more locations and a greater choice of ride-sharing services.

Another feature, and this one lands for U.S. users too, lets you see price details for services with multiple options. For example, Uber riders will be able to compare details for uberX, uberXL, and UberBLACK.

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