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Google Pixel 7a colors: here’s every option you can get

While the technical specs of a phone play a large part in the decision-making process of picking up a new device, how it looks can be equally as important for many people. Luckily, phone manufacturers have caught on to that fact and provide multiple color options for most modern smartphones — allowing buyers to have a few options when picking up their favorite new smartphones.

The color options that Google has had on offer over the past few years have been some of our favorites, and the new Pixel 7a is following in the footsteps of countless Google devices by being offered in some excellent shades. There are four Pixel 7a color options in total, and honestly, it’s a little tough to pick a favorite.

Here’s a look at the four different colors that the Pixel 7a comes in: Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral.

Pixel 7a in Charcoal

The Google Pixel 7a in Charcoal.

Charcoal is the Pixel 7a’s darkest color option. While not outright black, Charcoal is a nice, solid gray color that exudes class.

Because of its dark, mellow color, Charcoal variants of the Pixel 7a are able to match any style and look good for those in professional and casual settings. Compared to other color options, the variant is also a lot more discrete, so if you’re trying not to draw too much attention to your phone when using it, Charcoal is a great pick.

Pixel 7a in Snow

The Google Pixel 7a in Snow.

For those looking for a lighter color option that, like the Charcoal variant, can also go with just about anything, the Pixel 7a in Snow is an excellent pick.

Snow is the Pixel 7a’s white color that can add a nice, bright accent color to any outfit while also being just as classy as the darker Charcoal. The classic white design of the back matches the silver camera bar and metal frame completing the elegant look.

Pixel 7a in Sea

The Google Pixel 7a in Sea.

While the first two options are pretty standard fair for the Pixel A series, the Sea color stands out thanks to its pale blue design. Sea is the perfect summer color and a great pick for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their style.

Although its color is relatively subdued, Sea is a lovely hue of blue that’s something new for Google as recent the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro colors tend to skew more towards shades of green.

Pixel 7a in Coral

The Google Pixel 7a in Coral.

The most striking of the Pixel 7a color options is Coral. However, you’ll likely not be seeing a whole lot of them out and about since they’re exclusively sold at physical Google retail stores and on the Google Store website.

This means that you won’t see the Coral Pixel 7a on sale at local retailers or offered through wireless service providers. That’s a shame, too, since the red/pink color is a nice shade that’s one of the boldest Pixel color options that Google has offered.

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