You’ll never have to leave Google Maps again to book a ride on Uber

Getting where you need to go has never been easier. A year after Google Maps added a ride services mode to its popular app, it’s making yet another improvement that will make it simpler still for you to hop in a car, bound for your next adventure. On January 12, Google announced the ability for users to book a ride with Uber (or another ride provider) directly from Google Maps. This latest feature is available now on both Android and iOS globally.

“With today’s updates, you’ll now see more types of ride options and more actionable information,” Google wrote in a blog post announcement. “When you open ride services mode, instead of a long list of ride service providers and ride options, you’ll see the map you know and love, along with a carousel of ride service providers in your area.”

You simply need to tap on your transportation option of choice to view a comprehensive list of ride options, as well as any special offers or promotions they may be peddling.

And to even further solidify its integration with Uber, Google is testing a new feature that would allow you to book, complete, and pay for an Uber ride, all from within Google Maps. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to have the Uber app installed on your phone in order to use the ridesharing service. Simply sign into an existing Uber account on Google Maps (or create one), and then start booking rides, tracking your driver, and more, all from within the navigation app.

“From booking a ride to reserving a table at a local restaurant, booking your favorite fitness class to ordering delivery for a night in, Google Maps no longer just shows you the information you’re looking for,” the blog post concluded. “It also makes it easier to get things done in the real world — all in one place.”