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16GB iPhone owner? Google thinks you don't have enough storage

Google Photos: Free Up Space
Google doesn’t think your iPhone has enough storage, and wants to help out those poor iPhone users with Google Photos, which uploads photos to the cloud so that they don’t have to take up space on the phone.

To help bring Photos to the masses, the company has published a pretty awesome ad touting Photos’ ‘Free Up Space’ feature. The ad basically shows situation after situation in which the user is unable to take a photo of an important moment (like watching a friend jump over a fence) because the phone has run out of memory.

Of course, rumors indicate that Apple will in fact get rid of the 16GB storage option in favor of a slightly higher minimum, which many expect will be 32GB. Still, with apps increasing in size, we could all always use a little extra storage, which is where Google Photos comes into play.

Free Up Space doesn’t just have great ads — it’s also a great service, especially when it’s paired up with the unlimited storage you can get with “high quality” backups (which are slightly lower quality than original quality). Of course, it’s important to note that Apple can back up your photos with iCloud, however you’ll have to pay extra if you use up all that storage, no matter what quality the photos are.

In any case, whether you favor iPhone or Android, iCloud or Google Photos, we can all appreciate a good dig at the rival company. That’s even if Google ends up also using the ad to promote the Nexus 6P that appears at the end after all those iPhone warnings, and even if — let’s be honest — plenty of Android users face the same dilemma.

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