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Google finally updates the Play Store app with its new white-background design

Slowly but surely, Google has been rolling out updates to its main apps to give them a smooth white background. So far, the likes of Android Messages, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and more have all gotten the new design style. Now, at long last, it’s finally the Google Play Store app’s turn.

As mentioned, the Google Play Store app now has an all-white background, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of changes. It also offers dedicated tabs at the bottom for Games, Apps, Movies & TV, and Books. Notably, there’s no Music tab from the Play Store, likely because of the fact that Google Play Music is being replaced by YouTube Music.

In general, the app looks a little more friendly. Corners have been rounded on many of the different design elements, including buttons and some of the app icons. It seems like not all of the app icons have the new rounded icon, but we expect Google to smooth that out and make it a little more consistent over the next few days. App pages themselves have also been slightly redesigned. The pages are now a little better at highlighting app ratings and screenshots of the app. The progress bar for downloading and installing an app has also been replaced with a circle around the app icon.

It might seem like a small change, but the font of Google Play has also been changed. The font matches the font Google has been using in the rest of its apps, and it looks a little more modern and sleek.

The interface looks a lot more modern. While the previous design looked great when it launched, things like shadows and pointed corners feel a little out of date at this point. Not only that, but it’s nice to see the app being brought in line with the rest of Google’s apps, which helps make Android in general feel a little more unified.

In case you’re not yet seeing the new design, make sure you’re on version 15.1.24, or simply wait a few days — the update should make its way to your phone soon.

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