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This app breaks down confusing medical data to help improve your heart health

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If you have a history of heart disease or are at risk for heart-related issues, then you’re probably already tracking your blood pressure. Instead of jotting down results on a piece of paper, you might want try out Hello Heart for iOS and Android.

Hello Heart provides real-time explanations of what your blood pressure readings mean, and tells you how you’re doing overall. You’ll receive weekly BP reports to see trends and get reminders to check your blood pressure levels or take your pills, so that you can take control of your health.

If you’re using a regular blood pressure monitor device, all you need to do is type in the reading. Should you have a wireless blood pressure monitor device that is connected to your iPhone running, you can get your data sent directly to the app.

There’s also a section for adding a list of prescriptions you take and the doctors you see regularly. After you’ve imported your medical information, you’ll have an organized list of all of your prescriptions and doctors. It’s handy to have all that info in one place, especially in case of last-minute emergencies. All the information is encrypted, and Hello Heart is compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Hello Heart App Preview

Even though there are plenty of other apps that can help keep track of your blood pressure results, Hello Heart integrates all of your measurements to help you understand the overwhelming amount of data. You’ll have access to a personalized dashboard that will explain what all of the numbers mean based on CDC findings and the American Heart Association’s information. Hello Heart tells you if your blood pressure is too high, and it identifies trends, so you can change your habits to lower your measurements.

“Consumers and patients don’t have any tools to understand their health today,”Hello Heart CEO Maayan Cohen told Fox. “We are here to change that. Hello Heart is the first product that turns your medical data into actionable information that patients can understand.”

Cohen was inspired to create Hello Heart when her boyfriend developed a cancerous brain tumor, and she found herself collecting a ton of medical data with no easy way to explain what it all meant.  She wanted to bring clarity to the data and help people with medical conditions understand their conditions better.

In addition to helping you self-track, Hello Heart can sync up with many hospitals and clinics in the U.S. You can easily secure and import your medical data into your iPhone or Android phone. That way, you’ll have access to your most recent test results right in the app. Hello Heart will even help break down the data for you, so you can understand those pesky lab results. If everything’s okay, Hello Heart will show you a smiley face and say, “Relax, you’re doing great!”

You can download Hello Heart from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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