HTC’s hinting about new camera tech at special October 8 event

HTC ONE M8 Windows back camera

HTC will hold an event in New York on October 8, which it has called “Double Exposure,” hinting that the content will be photography-related. The invitation shows a couple taking a selfie with the One M8 smartphone, leading us to wonder if this will be all about software, rather than revealing a new phone.

The One M8 introduced us to the Duo Camera, which lets us mess around with the depth of focus in our pictures after we’ve taken them, and while it’s a fun feature, the phone has been criticized for not quite coming up to the standards set by other range-topping Android smartphones. A new software package could help get the most from HTC’s camera.

Additionally, HTC has recently released the Zoe video app for other Android phones, and there have been reports saying it’s the first in a string of new apps created by the company. While we don’t have any details, it wouldn’t be that surprising if some were camera-related, and the event could be used to showcase the initial releases.

We’re speculating here though, and there’s always the chance we’ll get a new phone from the company too. The picture on the invite is clearly promoting selfies, which is a major selling point of the new Desire 820, launched during the IFA tech show last week. HTC promised a global release for the phone, but hasn’t provided an exact date yet. The One M8 already has a 5-megapixel front camera, making it unlikely HTC will feel the need to improve it in a spin-off device.

Whatever HTC has planned for us, we’ll find out in a little under a month’s time.