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HTC is the #2 smartphone maker in the US with 21 percent share, right under Apple


Apple still commands the largest market share for a smartphone manufacturer, but Android manufacturers are closing in. According to new data released by Nielsen, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola are all top five smartphone manufacturers, along with RIM. Keep in mind, this data doesn’t include non-smartphones. If you factor in those, Samsung is the largest phone maker in the U.S. Worldwide, Nokia leads the pack. 

Smartphone market share by manufacturer

Here are the “Top 5 Smartphone Device Manufacturers,” as ranked by Nielsen:

  1. Apple – 29 percent market share
  2. HTC – 21 percent
  3. RIM (BlackBerry) – 17 percent
  4. Samsung – 11 percent
  5. Motorola – 11 percent

This data is taken from Aug. through Oct. 2011. 

Total phone market share by manufacturer

Finally, as we hinted at earlier, ComScore has released the total market share for manufacturers of all phone devices, smartphone and non-smartphone (in the U.S.): 

  1. Samsung – 25.6 percent
  2. LG – 20.5 percent
  3. Motorola – 13.7 percent
  4. Apple – 11.2 percent
  5. RIM (BB) – 6.5 percent

These numbers remain mostly unchanged from August 2011 though RIM, LG, and Motorola each lost about half a percent market share. while Apple picked up 1.4 percent and Samsung rose 0.3 percent. 

Smartphone market share by OS

It seems like we report these numbers all the time, but ComScore has released Aug. – Nov. 2011 market share as well, broken down by platform:

  1. Google (Android) – 46.9 percent
  2. Apple (iOS) – 28.7 percent
  3. RIM (BB) – 16.6 percent
  4. Microsoft (WM, WP7) – 5.2 percent
  5. Symbian (Nokia) – 1.5 percent

These numbers haven’t changed much since August. RIM has dropped by 3 percent, followed by smaller dips by Microsoft and Symbian, while Android has risen by 3 perent and Apple has gained 1.4 percent. 

Aside from the trend of smartphones taking over, is there anything else these numbers show?

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