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HTC is working on a wearable tech product, but launch plans remain unknown

HTC One M8 hands on rear

HTC CEO Peter Chou has said the company is working on a “wearable computing product,” but hasn’t provide a possible release date for the device. The news comes from an interview with Chou published by the China Post, in which he says the product, which we assume is a smartwatch, will be launched “at the appropriate time.” This could mean absolutely anything, but at least it confirms something is coming at some time.

Prior to the HTC One M8’s launch, there was talk HTC would also introduce, or at least talk about, a smartwatch at the same time. Chou has talked about wearables before, and called the emerging niche “a critical segment.” The company is listed as one of Google’s main partners on Android Wear, the wearable-specific operating system unveiled earlier this month. Motorola and LG have already given us a sneak peek at their efforts, so it wasn’t unreasonable to expect HTC to do the same. However, the event focused solely on the One M8.

Chou didn’t only talk about wearables either, he also said a new HTC tablet would be coming around that same mysterious, but appropriate, time too. HTC hasn’t produced a tablet for several years, but rumors have sprung up over the past year about both Android and Windows 8 hardware, plus talk of the firm building the still-mythical Nexus 8.

When these devices are eventually released, we can be assured they’ll be coming to America. Chou told reporters at the One M8 launch the company is focused on building its market share in the U.S., Europe, and China. Interestingly, Chou said in the future, it would outsource some of its low-end hardware to contract manufacturers. Presumably, this will save the company some money, but Chou said it was “a push to diversify its product portfolio.” 

For now though, HTC is all about the One M8. You can find our extensive roundup of the device’s features here, plus our first hands-on impressions here.

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