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Apple services offline: iCloud, iMessage, iTunes down for some users

icloud imessage itunes outage apple down 8 22 2013

If all your texts are going through as … texts this morning, iTunes isn’t working, and  your iCloud doesn’t want to backup, it’s not just you. According to reports on many sites, there is a wide services outage going on, mainly affecting iCloud services. We don’t yet know the cause, or if there’s any reason to be alarmed, but Apple’s official System Status page shows that the services listed below are experiencing “issues.” Supposedly only 1 percent of users are affected. AppleInsider believes this outage started around 12:30am EST on August 22 (today). Other sites have start times ranging from midnight to around 2am.

Apple services that may be down for you:

  • iMessage
  • iTunes Music Store (16.6 percent of users are affected, according to Apple)
  • Photo Stream
  • Documents in the Cloud
  • Backup
  • iPhoto Journals

We’ll try to keep this article up to date as we hear more about the outage and fixes. Please comment to let us know if you hear anything or you can tweet me at @JeffreyVC.

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