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iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging service, available on iOS and Mac. Think of it a bit like WhatsApp, but exclusively for Apple devices. You can use it with a cell number or with an Apple ID.

Screenshots of new iMessage features in iOS 18.

iOS 18’s new iMessage features make me wish everyone I know had an iPhone

When Apple shows off new iMessage features, as it did at WWDC 2024, it always makes me want to use it more than I do. But I'm wise to the reason why.
Close-up photo of the Messages app on an iPhone.

Here’s how iOS 18 will make iMessage better than ever

The home screen on the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

Not getting text notifications on your iPhone? Here’s how to fix it

Google Messages app on a Pixel 8 Pro, showing an RCS Chat message thread.

Android phones are about to get a major iMessage feature

Close-up photo of the Messages app on an iPhone.

How to fix iMessage activation errors on your iPhone

Memoji creation screen in Messages on Mac.

How to create a Memoji on a Mac

Close-up photo of the Messages app on an iPhone.

How to schedule a text message on your iPhone

iMessage on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, plus iMessage on an Android phone using the Beeper app.

How to use iMessage on an Android phone or tablet

The Apple logo on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Everything Apple says is wrong about the DOJ’s iPhone lawsuit

How to use iMessage on Windows

iPhone showing a spam text with the Report Junk option.

How to stop spam texts on iPhone and Android phones

hidden iMessage features.

7 hidden iMessage features you need to be using

A screenshot of a voice message being recorded on an iPhone.

How to send a voice message on your iPhone

Sometimes, sending a voice message is a lot easier than typing one out. Here's how to record, send, and save voice messages on your iPhone!
Apple Messages icon on iPhone display.

How to edit and unsend messages on your iPhone with iOS 17

With iOS 17, Apple lets you edit and unsend messages in iMessage. Here's how to do both of those actions.
Splash screen of Beeper Mini app.

Apple may have already killed Android’s newest iMessage app, Beeper Mini

Beeper Mini put iMessage on Android. But merely two days after its launch, it seems Apple is pulling the strings to kill the ambitious project.
Launch screen of the Beeper Mini app.

This app put iMessage on my Android phone — and it blew me away

Beeper Mini brings iMessage to Android. Takes away the green bubble shame. Doesn't rely on a hack. But above all, it promises an ever better messaging future.
Sunbird messages app for Android

Sunbird — the sketchy iMessage for Android app — just shut down

Sunbird, the iMessage app that powered Nothing Chats, is shutting down. And the way it happened is a bit ... odd.
An iMessage sent through the Nothing Chats app.

I used the worst app of 2023

Nothing Chats let you send iMessages from an Android phone, but it turned out to be a privacy nightmare. I tried it before it was removed from the Play Store.
A person holding the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

Why RCS for the iPhone is Apple’s biggest announcement of 2023

RCS is coming to the iPhone next year. It's unexpected, exciting, and perhaps the most important thing Apple's done in 2023.
The Nothing Chats splash page in the app.

Nothing’s iMessage for Android app is unbelievably bad

Earlier this week, Nothing Chats launched as a new app to get iMessage on an Android phone. As it turns out, it's a bit of a hot mess.
iMessage on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, plus iMessage on an Android phone using the Beeper app.

It’s finally happening — your iPhone is getting RCS in 2024

Folks, it's actually happening. Starting in 2024, your iPhone will finally get RCS support to make texting with Android phones better than ever.
Nothing Chats app on a. phone.

One of our favorite Android phones just got its own iMessage app

The Nothing Phone 2 is one of 2023's better Android phones — and now it has its very own iMessage app. Here's how it works.
An iPhone 15 Pro showing the main iMessage screen.

I love Apple, but it’s totally wrong about iMessage and RCS

I love Apple and I love my iPhone. But when it comes to iMessage and RCS, Apple is totally in the wrong. Here's why.
A close up of a person's hands typing on a laptop.

How to send a text message from a computer

Texting is a vital part of everyday life. But what if you don't have your phone? Here's how to send a text message from a computer, whether it's a Mac or a PC.
An iPhone with iOS 17, showing custom stickers in iMessage.

How to create your own iMessage stickers in iOS 17

iOS 17 is packed with new features — including the ability to create custom stickers in iMessage. Here's how to start making your own stickers right now!
iOS 17 contact posters

iOS 17’s coolest new feature is horrible news for Android users

Forget the argument about blue bubbles versus green bubbles. iOS 17 is adding another new feature that's bad news for Android users.
Apple Messages opened on iPhone 13 Pro Max

iMessage was down today, but it’s now back to normal

iMessage and a few other Apple apps were down today. Thankfully, everything is now back to normal.
Sunbird Android app screenshots.

Sunbird looks like the iMessage for Android app you’ve been waiting for

A new app called Sunbird promises to bring iMessage to your Android phone in a free, simple way. And you can join the beta right now.
A concept image render of a new redesigned iMessage app on the iPhone

This sketchy iMessage rumor is the worst thing I’ve seen all year

A new rumor about iMessage hints at a possible redesign. It looks ... not great. Actually, it looks pretty terrible.
The iOS 16 logo on an iPhone.

How to filter unknown senders in text messages on iOS 16

With iOS 16, you can use Filter Unknown Senders to separate those pesky spam texts away from texts sent by people you know. Here's how to use that feature.
Apple Messages opened on iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sorry, Google — Apple is right to keep ignoring RCS for the iPhone

Apple continues to ignore RCS on iPhones despite all the very good reasons to adopt it. The company may have a point.
Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

As a loyal iMessage user, I’m sick and tired of Apple’s resistance to RCS

I’ve been a fan of iMessage since it came along in 2011, but it's time for Apple to work toward true cross-platform messaging.
A person texting on a smartphone.

It’s not just you — Google’s also fed up with Apple not using RCS

Google is stepping up its campaign to drive support for the universal RCS text messaging standard by increasing the pressure on the biggest holdout: Apple.
Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

Latest iOS 16 beta addresses rising safety concerns for message editing

Apple has just released the fourth developer beta of iOS 16, with some significant changes to curb potential abuse of its new message editing features.

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