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iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging service, available on iOS and Mac. Think of it a bit like WhatsApp, but exclusively for Apple devices. You can use it with a cell number or with an Apple ID.

iMessage on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, plus iMessage on an Android phone using the Beeper app.

This app lets me use iMessage on my Android phone. Here’s how it works

Apple may never put iMessage on Android, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Here's how you can chat away on iMessage on an Android phone right now.
An iPhone with iOS 17, showing custom stickers in iMessage.

How to create your own iMessage stickers in iOS 17

iOS 17 contact posters

iOS 17’s coolest new feature is horrible news for Android users

Apple Messages opened on iPhone 13 Pro Max

iMessage was down today, but it’s now back to normal

how to use imessage windows phonelink03

How to use iMessage on Windows

iPhone showing a spam text with the Report Junk option.

How to stop spam texts on iPhone and Android phones

Sunbird Android app screenshots.

Sunbird looks like the iMessage for Android app you’ve been waiting for

A concept image render of a new redesigned iMessage app on the iPhone

This sketchy iMessage rumor is the worst thing I’ve seen all year

The iOS 16 logo on an iPhone.

How to filter unknown senders in text messages on iOS 16

Apple Messages opened on iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sorry, Google — Apple is right to keep ignoring RCS for the iPhone

Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

As a loyal iMessage user, I’m sick and tired of Apple’s resistance to RCS

A person texting on a smartphone.

It’s not just you — Google’s also fed up with Apple not using RCS

Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

Latest iOS 16 beta addresses rising safety concerns for message editing

Apple has just released the fourth developer beta of iOS 16, with some significant changes to curb potential abuse of its new message editing features.
Apple Messages icon on iPhone display.

How to edit and unsend messages on your iPhone with iOS 16

With iOS 16, Apple lets you edit and unsend messages in iMessage. Here's how to do both of those things.
Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

Editing iMessages on iOS 16 looks like a nightmare when chatting with old iPhones

The second developer beta for iOS 16 is here, and it comes with an odd workaround for sending edited iMessages to old iPhones.
Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

How to remove Apple iMessage

If you want to move away from an Apple device or just want to try another app, you can disable iMessage. Here are some easy steps to follow to remove iMessage.
Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

iOS 16 is the perfect time for Apple’s Messages to add RCS

With iOS 16 on the horizon, it's just about time for Apple and Google to make up and finally improve the messaging situation between iOS and Android users.
Memoji in Messages on a MacBook.

How to create a Memoji on a Mac

Create a character version of yourself. You can create a Memoji on Mac to look just like you, with piercings, facial hair, eyewear, beauty spots, and more.
Google Pixel 6 Pro wallpaper.

Google adds more iMessage features to Android’s Messages app

Google's new Messages app update tries to bridge the gap between Android and iPhones with reactions and high-res media sharing.
Pixel phone with five icon at the bottom of the display.

Google’s Messages app will soon work better with iMessage

Google Messages will finally work better at displaying the emoji reactions of Apple iMessage users.
Close up detail of a man iMessaging on an iPhone.

Google blasts Apple over bullying, peer pressure tactics keeping users on iMessage

Google has accused Apple of weaponizing social pressure to market iMessage to keep users locked into its ecosystem. There's some history to the whole saga.
A close up of a person's hands typing on a laptop.

How to send a text message from a computer

Texting is a vital part of everyday life. But what if you don't have your phone? Here's how to send a text message from a computer, whether it's a Mac or a PC.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella standing onstage in a welcoming pose.

Microsoft CEO would ‘welcome’ iMessage on Windows

In a recent video interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella listed iMessage as one example of Apple features that his company would invite onto Windows.
The back of the iPhone 12.

Half-hour outage affects Apple App Store, iMessage, iCloud Drive, and more

Apple's App Store and some of its iCloud services experienced a half-hour outage. By midafternoon, it had been resolved.
how to use iMessage

How to use Apple’s iMessage on iOS 14

Apple's iMessage was completely overhauled in iOS 10. Four releases later, it's bigger than ever. Our guide will help you navigate those wide iMessage waters.
android vs ios v imessage

How to send iMessages with effects

If you have an iPhone and iPad and want to send iMessages with style, the Messages app has hidden effects like fireworks and confetti. Here's how to use them.
iMessage on Mac

How to turn off iMessage on a Mac

Apple’s multi-device ecosystem includes ways to send messages. But what if it's too distracting on a Mac?Here's how to quiet notifications and disable it.

The best iMessage games for 2022

You may use it mostly for sending text messages for free, but you can also play games via iMessage. Here's our pick of the best iMessage games available now.
Pixel phone with five icon at the bottom of the display.

Google wants an iMessage Android alternative. RCS won’t help it do that

Google is having another go at building an iMessage alternative for Android with RCS. But its plans have way too many moving parts and already begun to show cracks. Instead, it likely has a better chance of succeeding by merging a simple instant messaging service inside its existing SMS app.
apple business chat

How to use Apple’s Business Chat on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11.3

With the introduction of iOS 11.3, we saw a ton of new features make their way to the iPhone and iPad. One of the most exciting features is Business Chat, which lets you use the Messages app to talk to businesses, instead of waiting on hold for customer service. Here's how to use it.
how to get imessages in android pexels photo 914931

How to get iMessages in Android

Unlike previous apps that have tried to bring iMessage to the Android platform, WeMessage uses the power of the Mac to direct messages to your phone via Apple's servers. All you need to do is download the WeMessage app and tweak a few of your computer's settings to get started.
android messages improvements phones textting one another

Is Google working on an iMessage competitor?

Google has tried several times to compete with iMessage, but has fallen short. However, a new version of Android Messages may do the trick.

Share Spotify tracks with your friends via the new iMessage app

Thanks to Spotify's new iMessage app, you can easily text your favorite beats to your favorite people with just a few taps of the finger

Meet Apple’s Animoji, custom-animated 3D messages for iOS 11

With Animoji for iMessage on iOS 11, facial recognition will allow you to control emojis using your own facial expressions.

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