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Instagram now allows people to add music to feed posts in three countries

Instagram is testing a new feature in three countries that will allow people to add music to the posts they make on their feeds. If you have ever added music to your Instagram Stories or Reels, you are likely to be familiar with the process.

Instagram is currently testing the ability to add music to feed posts in India, Brazil, and Turkey. Users will be able to browse through various music clips in the “Trending” or “For You” sections. They will also be able to search for specific songs. The song title will appear on the header of the feed post. If you click on it, you will be taken to an audio page that showcases all feed posts that have used that particular song. Once a song has been selected, a user can select the clip duration and then share it on their personal profile feed.

How to add music to feed posts on Instagram

To add music to your feed posts on Instagram. you need to:

  • Upload your photo.
  • Click on Add Music.
  • Search for the song by clicking on the Search field. You can also browse for music in the Trending or For You sections.
  • Select the song you want to add to your post.
  • You will then be taken to an audio page that showcases all feed posts that have used that song.
  • You can select the clip duration, as well as choose the length of time you’d like for it to play.
  • Tap on Done.

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