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Apple could bring the infamous notch over to the iPad Pro in 2022

When Apple first introduced the notch with the iPhone X, the industry was moving toward a higher screen-to-body ratio. + The iPhones still have the notch design today, and Apple has also brought the notch to the new MacBook Pro – without bringing FaceID. Now, it seems like the company wants to make it a marketing statement by introducing the notch to its whole suite of products. The next device that’s said to arrive sporting a notch is the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2022 render with notch at the top.
Via: MyDrivers

According to the new renders shared by Chinese website MyDrivers, the iPad Pro 2022 could come equipped with a notch. As a result, we could expect slimmer bezels on all sides but the top, which is tipped to accommodate a notch with FaceID sensors and the front-facing camera. If you look at the renders, the notch seems slimmer than the one found on the iPhone 13 series, as well as the MacBook Pro lineup with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

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As per the report, the 2022 iPad Pro is likely to come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. These could sport LTPO OLED displays with dual-layer OLED technology. The report also claims that the company is working on using a titanium alloy for the iPad Pro models for better durability and scratch resistance.

It is worth noting that, unlike laptops and smartphones, users rest their palms and/or thumbs on the side bezels of the tablets. So, shrinking the side bezels might not be a great idea if palm rejection is poor on the software front. But we expect Apple to have that sorted out.

The iPad Pro 2022 might not be the first tablet with a notch. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is also said to have a notch on its display.

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