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Apple debuts international versions of the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard

ipad pro smart keyboard international german
The iPad Pro has been out for nine months now and Apple has finally gotten around to launching international versions of its optional Smart Keyboard.

Previously only available with a U.S. layout, the ultra-slim portable keyboard now offers alternatives in, for example, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean. They come in two sizes as well, catering for both the 12.9-inch Pro and the 9.7-inch version, which launched earlier this year.

The introduction of the new layouts means customers in each country now have the option to buy the Smart Keyboard in either U.S. English or their local language, either online or in retail stores.

For Brits, the localized keyboard means, for example, easier access to the British pound (£) sign. Currently, UK-based Pro owners with the American Smart Keyboard need to hit Option-3 to bring it up. For fast-typing Germans and Austrians, however, the localized layout will be a whole lot more convenient, familiar as they are with the QWERTZ layout rather than the better-known QWERTY style.

In the U.S., the iPad Pro keyboard costs $169 for the 12.9-inch tablet and $149 for the smaller model. The device, which connects via the tablet’s magnetic Smart Connector instead of Bluetooth, features a conductive material that enables the two-way flow of both power and data, so the keyboard requires no charging. It’s made of a durable, silicone material, and the keys are water-resistant.

The Smart Keyboard only protects the iPad Pro’s display, so you’ll have to splash more cash on a back cover for total protection. Apple’s Silicone Case for the Pro starts at $69 and comes in 12 colors, though take note, the Smart Keyboard currently only comes in Charcoal Gray.

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