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Apple accidentally reveals how much memory is in iPhone 6S, iPad Pro

Apple never intentionally releases info about its processor internals — but everyone makes mistakes.

London-based developer Hamza Sood capitalized on one such mistake, revealing the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro memory specs. Tapping into Xcode 7 GM asset catalogs, Sood confirmed previous suspicions that the iPhone 6S comes with 2GB of RAM and the iPad Pro with 4GB of RAM. Adobe also helped out by leaking the information a few days ago in its Creative Cloud for iOS press release.

The 2GB of RAM inside the iPhone 6S is an upgrade on the 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 6. This should improve the amount of apps that can be left running and keep mobile games running smooth. It is still behind the new Android smartphones which carry 3GB and sometimes 4GB of RAM.

The iPad Pro will run on 4GB of RAM, enough to hopefully run Creative Cloud, CAD from AutoDesk, and other desktop grade applications without issues. Apple is marketing the iPad Pro at professionals and enterprises, so it will need to be able to match graphics tablets and notebooks.

Launching the Smart keyboard and Apple Pencil should interest productivity and creative users, even if the prices for both accessories are high compared to the competition. We might see third party providers come in with some cheaper options in the future to support the iPad Pro.

Apple upgraded the speed of flash storage on the A9X chip, but the amount of cores, the core speed, and performance appear to be the same. There is a smaller battery inside the iPhone 6S, but this will not negatively impact the amount of battery life, according to Apple.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus received a slight material buff with Series 7000 aluminium, which should prevent another BendGate incident. The iSight camera was finally upgraded from 8-megapixels to 12-megapixels, an upgrade that should keep Apple on top in the mobile photography game.

Apple will start shipping the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus on September 25, but already 2-3 week delays have been added to the store. The iPad Pro will start shipping much later in November and Apple might struggle to meet even that date, with reports of supply issues.

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