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Mock-up shows what the improbably-named iPhone Math, with its 4.8-inch screen, could look like

A China Times report earlier this week suggested Apple is prepping not one, not even two, but three new iPhone models, among them the iPhone 5S and the where-did-a-name-like-that-come-from iPhone Math. The latter, it’s claimed, has a 4.8-inch screen.

Of course, when it comes to Apple and its non-existent products, not a week goes by without someone somewhere claiming to have come into contact with “people familiar with the matter” who’ve somehow managed to get their hands on classified information from the company’s top secret R&D facility.

Russian Apple news site Apple Digger has taken the most recent rumor/suggestion/speculation/fabrication – the one about the improbably-named iPhone Math – and created a mock-up of how it could look.

As you might expect, it still looks like an iPhone, with Apple Digger’s rendering suggesting that its 4.8-inch display would allow for another row of apps on the screen. It also shows the device in five colors – black, white, pink, blue and yellow – and highlights the rumored 12-megapixel camera.

The idea that the iPhone might be offered in a variety of colors – thereby following in the footsteps of the iPod Touch – has been around for a while, with Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claiming last month that the Cupertino company’s next handset will launch in as many as eight different colors.

According to this week’s China Times report regarding the iPhone Math, the device, with its larger screen, improved camera and multiple colors, will launch in June. But what are the chances of it really happening?

Either way, the rendering is below if you’re at all curious….

[Apple Digger via Cnet]

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