KFC’s UK branches to roll out free Wi-Fi, greasy smartphone screens likely

kfcWhether you’re banging away at a Boneless Banquet for One or merely fingering a Family Feast, you’ll soon be able to whip out your mobile device in a British branch of KFC and jump online for free, secure in the knowledge that by the end of your session you’ll need a moistened disposable towel to clean up the mess.

That’s the trouble with greasy food and mobile devices. In fact, that’s the trouble with greasy food period – the oil just gets everywhere, even when you’re careful.

Still, KFC evidently thinks free Wi-Fi will makes its more than 800 UK restaurants even stickier places, with happily surfing diners perhaps more inclined to place a second order once their first fried feast has crossed their lips.

Commenting on the move, Nathan James, KFC’s senior manager of brand services, said, “We are operating in a highly competitive industry and are always looking for ways to improve our restaurants.”

He continued, “As more and more of our customers are using smart devices, we know Internet connectivity is fast becoming a key part of the restaurant experience. Diners want to be able to browse, access social networks, search for retail outlets around them to plan their day, or access KFC-related information and special offers. The new Wi-Fi service offers exactly this and helps ensure we provide an enjoyable dining experience.”

Diners accessing KFC’s free Wi-Fi, which is to be provided by public broadband service The Cloud, will first be taken to a KFC page displaying menus, special offers and other goodies. Tap your way past that page and you can surf the Web to your heart’s content.

While the chicken-focused fast food outlet’s free Wi-Fi service may prove popular with diners looking to kill some time, it’s been a while coming. McDonald’s has been offering free Wi-Fi for some time now, and is also set to trial free table-based Qi wireless charging pads at select European restaurants.

[via Pocket-lint] [Image: Wiki]

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