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LG can’t keep anything a secret, confirms G2 Mini for MWC 2014 launch

lg confirms g2 mini mwc 2014 launch phone logo

LG is really bad at trying to keep a secret, and has dropped a big hint about another new smartphone set to launch at Mobile World Congress by releasing a photograph. Though it doesn’t go all the way and say it, it’s the G2 Mini. The news comes from an update posted on the LG Mobile Facebook page, where an image is accompanied by the words “experience the MINI” and the MWC 2014 start date.

The picture is weird. In three of the four panels it shows a normal-sized sneaker, a cupcake, and a starfish (yes, a starfish) alongside a smaller version of each, just resplendent in bright pink. We’re not sure if any of these are relevant to LG’s plans, but we’ll be on the look out for a free pair of LG-branded Chucks and a sweet cupcake at MWC. It can keep the starfish though. 

LG G2 Mini Full Teaser Anyway, in the fourth panel there’s an LG G2 with a noticeably shorter smartphone next to it, complete with some pink lens flair over the camera. This, we take it, represents the G2 Mini. Excitingly, the small phone also has a set of rear-mounted controls underneath the camera, just like its big brother. 

The G2 Mini’s impending arrival isn’t a huge surprise. A phone with the model number D618 popped up on the FCC’s database earlier this week, and was quickly linked to the G2 Mini. Possible specifications include a 4.7-inch display with a 720p resolution, a quad-core processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. It’s great to see LG bring its unique rear control system to more phones, although they don’t make as much sense on a smaller device.

The question now is, will LG wait for MWC before taking the covers off the G2 Mini entirely? It has already confirmed the G Pro 2 will be on display at the show, but it’s likely the smartphone/tablet hybrid will be officially unveiled on February 13, more than a week before the doors open in Barcelona.

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