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LG to spread new G3 user interface to its other Android hardware

LG G3 home
If you’ve been looking at the G3’s new interface with envious eyes, but can’t quite justify spending the money on LG’s latest flagship Android phone, then we’ve got some good news. LG will be using the new-look UI on all its new hardware introduced over the coming months, including mid-range smartphones and tablets.

LG’s proud of the work it has done on the new user interface, which has been flattened, decluttered, and brightened up for its introduction on the G3, bringing it into line with modern trends. This slick look hides several more user-friendly changes, making the G3 an easier phone to operate.

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The new features LG has confirmed will be ported across to cheaper phones includes the updated camera app, which removes clutter from the viewfinder, and adds a single-tap setting to take a picture. This cancels out the need to focus, then tap, as it does everything for you in one step. Selfie fans will also appreciate Gesture Shot, where the front camera recognizes your hand held up in front of it, and activates a 3-second timer when you make a fist.

LG’s Smart Keyboard will be added to all other devices too. An improved word suggestion system is joined by a cool gesture of its own, where an upwards swipe automatically selects one of these completed words, and pops it into your text. The layout is customizable, and the keyboard can be resized and moved around to make typing more natural, regardless of how small or large your hands are.

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Unsurprisingly, LG’s not saying which new devices we’ll be seeing with the new user interface, but there have been a few rumors floating around that may fit. For example, we’re expecting the sequel to the LG G Flex and the Vu 4 phablet before the end of the year, plus whatever the company has in store for us at the IFA tech show in early September, all of which are prime candidates for the software. We’re intrigued by LG’s mention of mid-range tablets too. We’ll bring you more news when we hear it.

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