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Our LG G4 came inside an ancient wooden crate like the Ark from Indiana Jones

Unboxing photos and videos were once the ultimate in spoiler material for tech geeks. They are like watching someone else enjoy Christmas, complete with that pang of jealousy each time someone unwraps a cool new gadget. While not quite so popular today, the genre is not dead, and when we received a rather intriguing box in the mail, we thought it was time to share a few pictures.

Why? Because when we say box, we actually mean a comically large, coffin-like wood box.

The DHL delivery guy handed over the massive wooden crate without a word. “Um, why the wooden box?” I asked. “Health and safety,” he replied. Whether he meant his, mine, or some unidentified packer’s health or safety wasn’t clear. There was a sizable sticker with the word “Caution” on it though, so I could see the situation was very serious.

According to the paperwork, the box had come all the way from Seoul, South Korea. It was signed by someone from LG. With the mystery unravelling, it was time to exhume the device inside. The question is, what did LG want to protect so much that it called DHL and said, “give us the packaging option you’d use if Indiana Jones wanted something shipped out.”

Because the box was sealed very, very tightly, the most obvious tools for opening it up were a screwdriver and a hefty hammer. Sadly, DT health and safety regulations say that writers should not perform actions that may result in the loss of one or more fingers, so a more suitable tool was located. Inch-long nails were revealed, keeping whatever was inside from getting out. I began hoping some MERS hadn’t hitched a ride.

Inside the wooden box was a cardboard box, and inside that cardboard box was another box, this time with the LG G4 logo on the top. The G4’s box is barely larger than the phone, and if the coffin wasn’t overkill before, it was now. Sure enough, all that protection was for a very attractive brown leather G4.

It feels great. There is no comparison at all to the plastic alternatives. Compare it to Apple’s leather case for the iPhone and it’s softer with more texture. The stitching feels good in the palm of your hand. The fit is also excellent, although there are some irregularities around the volume keys; but because this is a natural product, it’s to be expected.

We’ll be testing out the leather G4 to see how the leather matures over the coming weeks, and also bringing you an update to our review, due to this being a final release version of the device. However, anyone considering a G4 may be disappointed to learn that currently, LG has no plans to ship all its phones out in such sturdy, oversized wooden crates. That special experience, it seems, was meant only for us.

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Andy Boxall
Senior Mobile Writer
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