Microsoft can’t give its Windows Phones away (literally)

microsoft cant give windows phone away store austin

Sometimes we feel bad for Microsoft. Despite the fact that there’s nothing all too wrong with Windows Phone, it has failed to energize anyone about its smartphone OS for more three years now. And never has it been more apparent than when we read this Reddit post. According to the post, a poor guy going by the name Beeslo heard about a Microsoft promotion to give away a free Lumia 1020 (great camera phone) at one of its stores. He got the phone, but definitely didn’t need to wait.

lumia-1020-wait-reddit“I feel like a moron,” wrote Beeslo. “Waiting outside a Microsoft Store for a Lumia 1020 that they are giving to the first 20 customers for free. Been here since 7am. 3 hours later and I’m 1 of 2 people waiting. I grossly overestimated the demand for Windows Phones.”

According to his comments, Beeslo wanted the Lumia 1020 for his wife. The promotion reduced the price of the phone to $0 if he resigned his contract (a usual requirement). Beeslo is an Android user himself.

“Yep. Love my Android,” he wrote to another Redditor. “Getting this for my wife who has an iPhone 4. She doesn’t use a lot of apps. Uses it for calls, texts, social media and pictures. Figured she was the perfect demographic for it … But yeah. Waiting in line for a Windows Phone. I’ll never let that one down.”

The moral of the story? You don’t have to arrive early to get a good deal on a Windows Phone, even one with the best smartphone camera available today.

(Microsoft Store image via VentureBeat.)